In-Car Music Purchasing Application

Airbiquity, a company working on wireless communications solutions is working on an application that will make downloading music while you travel easy. The application, the developers say will help you download that cool song that you just heard on the radio.

In a patent application filed recently under the title, “IN-VEHICLE MOBILE MUSIC PURCHASE”, the inventors describe a way to download your favorite music rightaway to your car digital stereo, mobile phone or even your home computer.

According to the invention, a dedicated button shall be provided with the in-car stereo or can be externally provided via a software configuration. Once installed, whenever a user listening to a song on the radio wants to purchase it, they need to press this button. Doing so will pull the metadata of the song (title, singer,etc.) and purchase and download the music from the pre-configured third party retailer such as iTunes. It is better explained via the image below

In-Vehicle Music Purchase application

Notebook Component Shortage Reports Inaccurate

Late last month, we had reports that we could be seeing possible increase in prices of notebooks following shortage of components in Taiwan. Back then we had written that the impact on sales is however likely to be minimal since the price increase was not expected to be more than $1 or $2.

However, fresh reports have indicated that the perceived shortage in components was more so because of suppliers double-booking or overbooking inventories in order to maintain inventory levels. DigiTimes writes

Notebook component shortage in China is not as serious as most market watchers believe since the strong market demand is mainly created by notebook makers double booking or over booking orders to maintain inventories, according to sources from notebook makers

So this should put all speculations to rest for the time being.

[via DigiTimes]

LG To Launch Windows Phone 7 Handset By September?

It is no longer news that Windows Phone 7 based handsets are launching by the end of the year during the holiday season. But the Chinese version of Engadget has cited claims by Hong Kong based LG Mobile that the first set of Windows Phone 7 handsets could launch as early as September and at max be launched by November.

Not only is this well ahead of the originally scheduled launch, but also comes as a surprise following our reports earlier this week that Windows Phone 7 handsets could actually be delayed owing to software issues.

As of now, we have no clue which side of the story is true. So we will just hope for a plain-Vanilla December launch.

[via Engadget]

Marginal Increase In Notebook Prices Likely

The prevailing strong demand for notebook devices coupled with component and labor shortage in the first quarter of 2010 could possibly lead to a marginal rise in the prices of notebook devices.

Taiwanese publication DigiTimes reports that there could be a marginal rise of $1-$2 in the price of notebook panels. While the publication sees a drop in margins for the developers with the selling price remaining intact, the strategy of notebook makers to recover the margins is not yet known. A rise in price of the notebook or any of the accessories is likely to be the way out.

However, considering that the rise only appears to be marginal, no apparent drop in demand is forecast.

[via DigiTimes]

T-Mobile Entering Netbook Arena With Dell Mini 10

Speculations surrounding T-Mobile’s foray into the Netbook market has been doing the rounds for quite a while now. However, it is only now that the actual product behind the rumors is coming to light.

Quoting trusted sources, folks at TmoNews claim that the carrier could be partnering with Dell to bring its newly unveiled Dell Mini 10 netbook to the market. No information regarding the price or launch date is known as yet, though a roll-out is expected by the end of March.

Dell Mini 10 was unveiled earlier this year during the Consumer Electronics Show at Las Vegas and has since then garnered overtly positive reviews.  In fact, Dell Mini has been a popular choice among the carriers. After Sprint Nextel introduced the device, AT&T Mobility too has jumped in. T-Mobile’s entry while later than the other major players could still be a significant business decision moving forward in 2010.

What do you think?

[via TmoNews]

Skype VoIP Over 3G Not To Come On iPhone?

Last week, Verizon signed a bizarre deal with Skype. According to the terms of the deal, Verizon will embed Skype’s click to call application by default on all Verizon powered smartphones. The company said this will give its users the ability to quickly make calls to anywhere in the world using Skype.

Why is this bizarre? Because there is apparently no take away whatsoever for Verizon. Not only is Skype able to reach out to Verizon’s subscribers in a quick and easy way, but also the VoIP solution to call international numbers would mean loss of lucrative dollars to Verizon.

More insights about the deal are now coming to light. According to a report on GigaOm, the deal between Verizon and Skype could be exclusive in nature. This would forbid the VoIP service from making their 3G based calling solution available to rival networks, including AT&T which is the operator for iPhone. It is believed as an aggressive approach that Verizon has employed to deprive iPhone customers of a much in-demand service that could motivate them to move to rival platforms and potentially become Verizon customers.

I do believe that Verizon’s strategy appears far-fetched. While Skype is no doubt the most popular VoIP service, it is by no means the only one. Competitor services like Fring are already available over 3G and this means users will more interested in trying out these alternative VoIP over 3G services.

What do you think?

[via BGR, GigaOm]

NY Times To Charge Readers From 2011?, the largest newspaper owned website in the world could start charging readers from next year. Indications about this were provided by Martin Nisenholtz, the senior vice president for digital operations at the company.

According to reports from PaidContent, Nisenholtz was of the view that the company was at a stage where charging readers to access content will not result in lower traffic. Nisenholtz said

“We are, and have been for quite a long time, the largest newspaper-owned website in the world. We intend to remain the largest newspaper-owned website in the world.”

Nisenholtz suggested a metered pricing model where readers would be given free access to a predetermined set of articles and would be prompted to pay only when they exceed this limit. He said

“We have reached a point where we have enough scope and scale to make this move. The metered model will allow us to remain a very, very large website at the same time as we get a second revenue stream.”

With NY Times, Fox and other media publications taking the plunge to charge readers, do you think the era of free content is over? Let us know what you think.

[via AFP]

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 Priced At $199 In USA?

Sony Ericsson Xperia X10 is expected to launch in just a couple of months from now. According to a source folks at BGR spoke to, the handset could be launched on the AT&T network at a price of $199. Of course, this is with a two year contract. The unsubsidized cost of the phone could well be over $900.

According to this source, the phone could be expected at around the April-May time. We wonder if Sony Ericsson got it wrong with the timing. There have been a couple of hyped Android phones being launched of late and with possible announcements regarding the iPhone speculated to be announced around April, we might just guess that Xperia X10 might lose a fair chunk of customers to its rivals mainly because of a delayed launch. What do you think?

[via BGR]

TiVo With Full HD Support Coming Soon

You could soon be laying hands on a TiVo with full HD support. This is being reported by CrunchGear who quote reliable sources as writing to them of this possibility. According to these sources

The most important: a move to full HD menus, improved search, and the phasing out of Series 2 hardware… [A]side from minor add-ons like Blockbuster support the old UI and OS will be replaced by a fully HD version, available at first on Series 3 hardware.

This is not the only speculation surrounding the future offerings up the sleeve for TiVo. Late last year, we also heard rumors about the introduction of a TiVo Premiere edition that could come with ATSC and cable card support.

All of this have strictly been rumors so far with nothing confirmed from the company. We will keep you updated with more as and when we hear them.

[via CrunchGear]

EA Sports Active Coming Soon On XBox 360, PS3

EA Sports’ ‘fitnessware‘ on Wii, EA Sports Active could soon be coming to Xbox 360 and PS3. While speculations surrounding this have existed ever since Electronic Arts brought the productivity tool for Wii, a recent story on gaming blog Super Annuation seems to have strengthened it further.

Super Annuation has caught hold of the resume of one of the lead developers for the site, Sean Quinn, who had apparently listed this as a project he is currently working on. The resume, located at his personal website here (PDF link) has since then replaced the project title with ‘Unannounced Project’. As the blog reports, the project was originally titled ‘EA SPORTS Active (Xbox 360/PS3)’

The project appears to have started back in September of last year. We presume it to be in final stages of development presently.

[via Super Annuation]