Is the Nokia-Microsoft Partnership A Boon To Rivals?

The Nokia-Microsoft partnership was made public yesterday. But, is this partnership a blessing for Google and Apple and may be RIM as well. Nokia as we know has embraced Microsoft’s Windows and has abandoned its own OS Symbian for developing new smartphones. Analyst Abramsky opines that this partnership is actually helping the iPhones, Androids and Blackberries more than it is going to help Nokia and Microsoft. The partnership between Nokia and Microsoft could help both the companies is the market were to be successful and take Microsoft’s market share from the existing 5 percent to 35 percent. But, if the partnership were unable to deliver the results as expected, then the share gains of their rivals are sure to go up.

On the other hand, there is a possibility that this partnership could also trigger further collaborations like Android /RIM which could influence the smartphone market immensely.

Nokia – Microsoft Partnership Happens, Once Again

We reported last week that Nokia was likely to enter into a partnership with Microsoft in order to deal with the competition from smartphones running on Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone. Well, the partnership has finally happened. So now, Nokia would be abandoning its own phone OS Symbian and will embrace the Microsoft OS, which is of course Windows. Analysts are predicting that this partnership favours Microsoft more than it does Nokia, although there is not enough clarity yet about how these two corporate giants wish to tackle with Apple Inc. and Google Inc.

Under this new partnership, Nokia and Microsoft will now be combining their assets in order to develop mobile applications and products. While the developmental tools that MIcrosoft possesses will develop applications for these phones, Nokia’s Maps will become a part of Microsoft.

Anyone out there who still wants to own Nokia’s stocks.

Windows 7 SP1 Out on Feb 22

Microsoft has announced that the Windows 7 Service Pack 1 will be made available to the general public from the 22nd of February. The Windows 7 SP1 for the time being has only seen a manufacturer’s release. The SP1 is coming with only a few minor updates as there have already been some updates to Windows 7 in the recent past. The SP1 is coming with client side support for windows 7 virtual machines that will enable Remote FX and dynamic memory. Though Windows 7 has been deemed to be the fastest selling OS ever produced by Microsoft, an upgrade was expected much earlier by many.

Microsoft is going to make the downloads available on their download center from the 22nd of February onwards. Those who buy the Windows 7 OS after 22nd would get the SP1 pre-installed.

Prices of Gaming Consoles To Drop Soon?

I know this would come as a shock more than a surprise to many avid gamers. Analysts are predicting the prices of all the leading consoles – PS3, Xbox and Wii to go down this year. The one leading in this row is Microsoft who definitely wishes to implement some price cuts as analysts report. This can be attributed to the fact that Xbox was not a big favourite among gamers during Christmas. Although Microsoft apparently posted a 21 percent increase in the revenues of XBox during the last three months of the previous year, it is likely that the price of Xbox would be cut down from 400$ to 300$.

If XBox were to go ahead with this move after a decline in sales (which could happen any time after June), the other big gaming corporations would automatically follow suit. Although Sony might want to reduce the price of PS3 consoles readily, Nintendo is likely to wait on Wii’s price cut for it is also launching 3DS, the costliest portable entertainment console ever.

Nokia and Microsoft Partnership To Be Announced Next Week ?

We reported yesterday about the possibility of a partnership between Nokia and Microsoft happening. Looks like, there is going to be an official announcement from the two corporate giants apparently on the 11th of February which is actually the Capital Markets Day. Nokia and Microsoft would be having a partnership for the third time if this new one is to happen , with the previous two being in 2007 and 2009.

The Finnish company Nokia, once the mobile market giant (from nineties till early 21st century) is looking for a resurgence as far as its Symbian and Meego operating systems are concerned. So, a partnership with MS which has alos launched its Windows 7 phone could come in handy to face the stiff competition from Android and Apple.

The earlier partnerships have not yielded anything worthwhile, so let us hope that this partnership can get third time lucky.

Will A Nokia And Microsoft Partnership Happen?

Will a Nokia and Microsoft Partnership Happen? This is the question that all the market giants are waiting for an answer to. The question is in even more relevance now that a London based banking analyst has written to Nokia asking them to abandon their Meego OS and join hands with MS to link their phones with Windows 7 phones. The Finnish company which enjoyed its share of success during the nineties and the early part of the 21st century has been on a downhill slide ever since the launch of Apple’s iPhones and Google’s Android powered smartphones.

On the other hand, MS which tried to launch its own tablets during the early part of the first decade had failed miserably, but luckily for them, the Windows 7 phone has received positive reviews. But, they are a long way behind Apple and Google already. The Mobile World Congress which would be happening soon is a good place for these two giants to make a statement about their partnership.

Google v Bing – Is Bing Plagiarising?

The Google v Bing thing is getting nastier by day. Google’s search fellow Amit Singhal has tweeted that Bing was simply lifting Google’s results. Well, it can’t get any nastier, can it? Now, Google has accused Microsoft of plagiarising their results – an intellectual property theft which is a very serious crime. Looks like there is going to be a “Social Network” kind of thing brewing between the two giants of computing.

Most would want to argue that this is just a publicity stunt by Google. But, looking ar it from an academic perspective, it can also be intellectual irritation that has prompted Amit Singhal to complain in his tweet. Also, Google is still the leading search engine in the world and still maintains its upper hand over most of its competitors.

May be it’s time that the intellectuals at Miscrosoft should go back to universities again to get lessons about plagiarism.

Hogging The Limelight of Android 3.0 – Is Apple Doing A Microsoft?

With both Samsung and Motorola ready to unveil their next Android 3.0 Honeycomb sensations in the next couple of weeks, we begin to get leaked news from various sources reporting the launch of iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. If we observe carefully, we can observe a kind of ‘Microsoftism’ in these tactics. Back in the nineties, Microsoft was always leaking news about a compelling upcoming product of theirs a day or two before IBM or Novell had a launch planned. To be honest, this actually works wonderfully well, especially for Apple’s merchandise.

One would certainly want to wait another month or two to get his/her hands on an iPad 2 rather than an Android. But, all said and done, Google is enjoying a dream run with their Android OS and the results are evident with Android overtaking Symbian as the world’s most popular phone OS.

Now that the dirty games have started, the war is certainly going to spice up.

Microsoft To Sell Office for Mac on Mac App Store

The App store which was only available to iPhone, ipod and iPad users for a long time was opened for Mac users on the 6th of January, 2011. The Mac App store is already a huge hit and among the users of Mac which include Macbook, Macbook Air and Macbook Pro. The App store is a free to use store for all registered users where the user can find products for his/her Apple products. These products can be Apple’s own or various third party ones.

Now, it is rumored that even Microsoft is also targeting the MAc App Store to sell Office for Mac. This move by Microsoft comes after many third party developers have expressed their happiness about selling more products in three weeks than they did in entire 2010. Also, most Mac users are known to be buying products hosted on the App Store only. Many developers are still waiting for Apple’s approval to host their products on the store.

Better hurry MS.

Windows Phone 7 Mystery Data Upload Bug – Fix On The Way

A number of Windows Phone 7 users in the past month had reported about a mysterious bug on their handsets that caused unrequested consumption of massive levels of data. The complaints, nicknamed the Phantom data issue, prompted Redmond to have an immediate look into the issue.

The company has now issued a statement noting that they have managed to round upon the potential cause to a common “third party solution” that was seen to be consuming larger than expected levels of data. Microsoft is noted to be working with its partner to rectify the issue. No details were made available regarding the third party in question.

Microsoft has also additionally pointed out that the number of customers affected was not significantly high noting that a “low single-digit” percentage of Windows Phone customers were affected.¬†We will update you when the aforementioned fix is released.