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Top 5 Christmas Apps for iPhone

Christmas is right around the corner, so now it’s the right time to pick out some holiday apps for your iPhone. Here are the Christmas apps I personally enjoy, and I hope you’ll also like them.

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Apple Introduces Jailbreaking Detection Back

If you were just happy that you jailbroke your iPhone using the GreenpoisOn hack iOS 4.2.1 successfully, hang on. There’s a twist in the tale. Apple has apparently introduced a jailbreak detecting API on iOS 4.2.1 which is blocking jailbroken devices from opening ebooks. This inherent API which was supposedly dropped by Apple in iOS 4.0 has found its way back and is blocking the iBooks 1.2.1 app from reading purchased protected DRM content.

The following message is being showed on iOS 4.2.1 devices when trying to open protected DRM content –

“There is a problem with the configuration of your iPhone . Please restore with iTunes and reinstall iBooks.”

The hacker dev community is quite upset with this move from Apple and has criticised saying that it is beginning to attract many to dislike them. Jailbreaking has been deemed legal, so now we have to wait and see if Apple is going to be sued for not allowing purchased content on a jailbroken device.

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Apple Hit With Another Law Suit

A Californian resident is suing Apple for violations of privacy. According to the law suit filed by the litigant, Apple’s been alleged of sharing information about user’s browsing history and other private data of the user like user id, password, current location, contacts and even the name of the owner with advertisers. This information is collected by Apple when users of iPod, iPhone and iPad access the App store. Apple’s privacy policy clearly states that the information collected from the user would only be used for the betterment of service and advertisement, but the information is in no way going to be shared with third party advertisers. But, the law suit states that Apple is actually violating rules through the way it is sharing user’s information with advertisers. An official comment about the same is yet to be received from Apple.

Not a week ago, another Californian also has filed a suit against Apple for selling flawed products. While Apple need not be too worried about these suits, these incidents are sure bringing a smile on the faces of its competitors.

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Jailbreak Tweak to Enhance the Functions of iPhone's Voice Control Commands

A new jailbreak tweak called the voiceactivator is going to be made available sometime this week that will enhance the present functions of the voice control feature in the iPhones. The current functions of voice control allow a user to make calls, play the song from a particular album or by a particular artist and also enable the genius feature. This is in fact a very useful function while driving.

The new voiceactivator tweak which is being developed by developer chpwn would also allow one to open Apps, URLs and also enable Activator functions. The following is the tweet by chpwn-

Custom Voice Control commands! VoiceActivator is a new tweak by chpwn ( to let you take full control of the Voice Control feature of your iPhone or iPod touch. Launch apps, open URLs, use Activator actions: it’s all here, in on

chpwn is also the developer of the jailbreak apps Infinidock, Infiniboard, Infinifolder and Proswitcher.

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$10,000 Free iTunes Gift Card For 'Countdown To 10 Billion Apps'

Looking to get some free iTunes gift cards? This week could turn out lucky for you. Apple has launched a ‘Countdown to 10 billion apps‘ site that rewards one of its users with an iTunes gift card worth $10,000. To win the gift card, users can either wait to hit the download button on their favorite app close to the 10 billion mark (the download count is currently hovering around the 9.79 billion mark) or use an alternate entry form to enter the fray without any download or purchase.

The announcement is reminiscent of the contest that Apple held in February last year when the company marked the download of 10 billion songs from iTunes. It is worth noting that the winner back then was rewarded with a similar iTunes gift card. You can check out all the  contest details and rules in the official website here.

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Skype Video Calling On iPhone Rolling Out Soon?

Looks like we were right in our speculation. Earlier this month, there were reports that Skype was calling up for a media interaction on the sidelines of the Consumer Electronics Show getting underway early next month. We had speculated that this interaction could be to introduce users to video calling functionalities on the next version of Skype’s iPhone app.

In fact, Skype is learned to have signed up for a panel discussion titled “Video Calling Gets Ready For Primetime” as well as has told a number of industry observers that the company will be making a number of video related announcements.

Now, a freshly drafted Skype help document has become public that indicates that a new Skype iPhone app version 3.0 could be rolled out soon that could bring video calling features to iPhone 4, iPhone 3GS, iPod Touch 3G/4G and the iPad. It is worth noting that the current version of Skype app on the App Store is numbered 2.1.2.

So there you go. Get ready to start video calling your friends via your iPhone soon.

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iBooks App For iPhone, iPad & iPod Touch To Get Folder Management Option Soon

It is not just the apps on the iPhone homescreen that can now be organized with folders. According to a rumor, Apple could be offering similar folders to the iBooks app that will let users organize the books in their virtual library better. Called Collections, the new feature will let users to collate books and PDF documents into separate groups for easier management.

To organize books into collections, users will have to tap on ‘Edit‘ icon. Now, tapping on any book icon will bring a checkmark that can be used to move the document to any specific Collection. There is also going to be a Collection tab on the top of the iBooks app from where the user can view all the Collections which may then be edited or deleted. The section will also let users create new Collections.

iBooks Collections

No word yet on when these features will be rolled out.

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Justin.TV iPhone App To Broadcast Live Video From iPhone Over 3G/Wi-Fi

Popular live-streaming service, Justin.TV has released a new update to their iPhone app that will enable live video broadcasting over the iPhone’s cellular network. The update will finally bring two-way streaming to users of the Justin.TV iPhone app. The application had hiterto only allowed iPhone users to watch live streaming over their iPhone.

The new update will be compatible over both the 3G as well as Wi-Fi networks. Like the online service, the application will also allow users to chat in real-time with viewers watching the video over the web as well as share the streaming with friends and followers on Facebook and Twitter. Videos broadcast over the web are also automatically saved on the account for later viewing.

Justin.TV is available for free on the App Store and can be downloaded by clicking here.

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YouTube iPhone App Gets Upgrade In iOS 4.2

For a long time, the native YouTube app on the iPhone has stayed frozen in time. Though the website made a significant decision to replace star-ratings with a Like/Dislike rating back in March this year, successive iterations of iOS that have been released since then have not effected the change to the iPhone app.

That finally changes with the release of iOS 4.2. The new beta version of the upcoming iOS platform has revealed the arrival of the Like/Dislike button to the iPhone. Users viewing YouTube videos on their iPhone shall now be able to synchronize their Like database with YouTube videos they rate on the website or from other internet connected devices.

YouTube Like iPhone App

The new version of iOS is still not available for public download and so you may have to wait until November of this year to check out this new YouTube version.

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Adobe Flash Video On iPhone Could Be Coming Soon

Though Steve Jobs preaches openness and open standards at the drop of a hat, we do know Apple does not exactly practice this and their ecosystem is pretty much closed and controlled. No doubt, Adobe Flash hasn’t made it to the iOS till this day.

However, that could change soon if claims by a third party app developer is anything to go by. Developers of SkyFire, a browser application that has been recently submitted to the App Store for approval claim that their app will be able to handle Flash content without infringing on any of the functionalities that Apple objects to. The mobile browser does not actually play Flash or transcode its content. Instead, the iPhone app makes use of a proxy browser to remotely interpret and convert Flash content to an iPhone supported format. SkyFire claims that the application has been built with sufficient feedback from Apple and so they should not have much trouble getting approved.

This does not however mean you can hit straight into to play Flash games. Because of the technology used, users will only be able to view flash content and cannot actually interact with them. That would mean, only Flash videos (and banner ads?) will now be rendered without fuss.