Apple iOS 4.3 Releasing This Valentine’s ?

According to reports from MacStories, the iOS 4.3 could finally see the light this February 14, on the Valentine’s day. We have already had the release of iOS 4.3 beta version about a month or so ago for the developers. More beta versions also followed the release, but nothing effective nor final have been out yet. But, now it seems like the wait for a new and better updated iOS for Apple’s users is going to come to an end.

MacStories has informed that reliable sources within the Apple Inc. have confirmed that the iOS 4.3 would be launched at 10:00 am PST on 14 February, Monday. We will now have to wait and see what other features will be coming with this upgraded version. On the beta version, we got to see various multi-touch gestures along with Airplay.

So, fingers crossed on this Valentines folks.

iOS 4.3 Beta Features To Add More To Apple’s Products

Apple’s new release of iOS 4.3 Beta apparently has lots more to add to Apple’s merchandise – iPhone, Ipad and iPod touch. The iOS SDK 4.3 which is now available for download has added more features like the HTTP live streaming statistics, fullscreen banners on iAd. Also, Airplay can be used to stream videos on Apple TV. has also reported (which for now are only rumors) that Apple is going to be conducting a special media event next week to detail the features of iOS 4.3. It is also rumored that iPad 2 will be unveiled at the same event.

With Android Honeycomb now looming, Apple is trying its best to maintain its firm hold on the tablet market. Google’s Android OS has already been named the most popular phone OS in the world overtaking Nokia’s Symbian and leaving Apple’s iOS in the third place.

iOS 4.3 Beta Three Now Released

Only a few hours ago today, Apple has released the third Beta version of Apple iOS 4.3. This version is now available for all iPhone, iPad anf iPod Touch users. It was only in the last month that Apple released the first and second beta versions of 4.3 with added new features. Although, there is still no guarantee that the third one is going to be last and stable one.

So, what’s new with the third beta version? To be honest, when compared to the previous releases, this one only comes with two new features and eliminates a few details from the old ones. One of the promising new features is the option to cancel the download of Apps at any given time during their download.

Ironically, the jailbreak of iOS 4.3 beta three is also available now.

iPad and iPhone Springboards To Stream Live and Transparent Wallpapers

The springboards of both the iPhone and iPad can now become transparent, thanks to jailbreaking technology. The springboard is in fact the home screen of any iOS . Now, Limenos has developed a new tweak that can enable the camera on the springboard. The live images screened by the camera would actually act as a live wallpaper, thus making the springboard transparent. The Activator gestures of the camera, viz. Camera on, Take Picture, Resume, Rear Camera, Torch Off and Exit would also pop up on the screen making it possible for the user to set a wallpaper without opening the Photos App.

In the past, the skins and themes of a springboard on jailbroken devices could be changed. This was possible through winterboard which could be installed through Cydia.

This new tweak can be obtained through Cydia soon. In the meantime, you might want to check the demo videos on youtube.

iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak In The Making?

With Jailbreakme being prevented by Apple through a software update, the Dev Team is working hard to bring out an untethered jailbreak not only for iOS 4.2.1, but also for all the future iDevices like iPad 2 and the iPhone 5. An untethered jailbreak would help users to hack into iDevices without the need of a PC.

While the iPhone Dev team is working on a RedsnOw untethered jailbreak, the Chronic Dev team is working on a GreenpoisOn jailbreak. A teaser that showed the successful working of the GreenpoisOn hack on an iPad and iPhone 4 was also recently posted. The best part about these untethered hacks is the easy to use interface that is going to be offered to the users.

With the legalization of these jailbreaks, Apple is finding it tough to keep a lid on these hacks.

iOS 4.3 Firmware to Pose A Challenge to Hackers?

Apparently, Apple is strengthening its upcoming iOS 4.3 firmware with the addition of ASLR (Address Space Layout Randomization). ASLR is a computer security and a hacker’s nightmare. With the introduction of this security measure, jailbreakers would find it difficult to locate the target addresses as the virtual memory area is increased. While this new move from Apple would pose a stiff challenge to jailbreakers , it has been welcomed by many of them as there have been several tweets about the same saying, “this would be some fun.”

With the untethered iOS 4.2.1 jailbreak yet to be released, the news about a much secured 4.3 could be daunting to all the jailbreakers across the world. The beta version of iOS 4.3 was launched two weeks ago and the firmware version is going to be made available to the public very soon.

iPad 2 Rear Camera Resolution Only 1-Megapixel?

A number of next generation iPad cases were outed in the past few weeks that have indicated at the possibility of us seeing two cameras – one on the front and another on the rear side of iPad 2. Now, developers scouring through the snippets of code on the latest iOS SDK have confirmed these rumors. The code does contain references to the two cameras.

However, in what could come as a huge disappointment, Apple could be offering a minimal 1-Megapixel rear facing camera and a VGA resolution front facing camera on this upcoming device. This is unlike popular speculation that the iPad 2 could offer an iPhone 4-like 5-Megapixel camera. This is also lower than the camera specs on the first generation Samsung Galaxy Tab that came with 3-Megapixel and 1.3-Megapixel cameras.

For what it’s worth, Notion Ink Adam, the highly anticipated Android-based tablet shipping this week will come with a 3.2-megapixel swivel camera that will outdo both the Galaxy Tab and the rumored iPad 2.

GreenPois0n iOS 4.2.1 Untethered Jailbreak For iPhone To Release Soon

Of late, one of the common frustrations among iPhone users looking to jailbreak their iDevices is that the available jailbreak solutions seem to be perennially stuck in work-in-progress mode. This is pretty much expected given that the good folks at iPhone Dev team and Chronic Dev team are contributing to the solution in their spare time and are not exactly paid for this.

We have not heard about any significant development from the iPhone Dev team over the past week. However, in a recent announcement, Chronic Dev Team has revealed that their Greenpois0n untethered jailbreak solution for iOS 4.2.1 will soon be on its way.

While no estimate time of arrival was given, the release should be pretty exciting given that the earlier Greenpois0n was supposed to be a tethered jailbreak. Also, the developers have noted that unlike RedSn0w, the upcoming Greenpois0n release will not require users to save SHSH blobs from iOS 4.2.1 beta 3. That would make the process all the more simpler.

Here is a video released by the Chronic Dev team that showcases the jailbreak software in action.

All GeoHot iPhone Jailbreaks In One Place – New Site Launches

George Hotz, the famous iPhone jailbreaker who is more commonly called GeoHot has released a new website called Ra1nb0wra1n that serves to showcase all of GeoHot’s iOS exploits from one place. Visiting the website will let users check through iOS exploits like Purplera1n, Blackra1n, Limera1n besides linking to Apple TV app emulator, console reboot, tethered reboot, etc.

Most interestingly, GeoHot’s new website also has a ‘Coming Soon‘ link that links to ‘Rubyra1n‘. If you have been following this space, you will know that Rubyra1n is the name of the next iOS exploit from GeoHot. Hotz is learned to have purchased the domain name back in March of last year along with Limera1n.

While the latter turned out to be the exploit that has now been used to jailbreak the recent versions of iOS, GeoHot has not revealed much information on Rubyra1n. We expect this exploit to be released soon after iOS 4.3 is released. What do you think?

New iOS 4.3 Beta 2 For Developers Released

With the launch date for the Verizon iPhone drawing near, iPhone users on carriers like AT&T too have been waiting to access features like personal mobile hotspot on their devices. Those features, as you know, will come with the new iOS 4.3 update.

Apple has followed last week’s release of an iOS 4.3 beta version with a new update that is still available only for developers. As expected, the new beta version is not compatible with models like iPhone 3G, iPod Touch 2G and other older handsets. What’s interesting is that Apple has pointed out that new gesture controls that were made available with the older beta version will not, in fact, be made available on the imminent public version of iOS 4.3. The company notes that the preview was provided in order “to gather input on how these gestures work with your apps”.

Is this a confirmation of the imminent arrival of an iPhone without a Home button?