HTC Desire On AT&T Launching In May

Remember our story earlier this month that Nexus One could be launching with AT&T? Well it turns out that the AT&T connected device might actually be HTC Desire and not the Google branded clone as we earlier thought.

Spilling the beans on this, folks at BGR write that while it is still possible that the Google branded Nexus One is offered with AT&T over Google’s website, the device on AT&T’s shelves could be HTC Desire and the launch could be around the May-June time frame.

BGR also reports that certain physical attributes of the handset like material finish and color could change in the device on shelf.

[via Boy Genius Report]

HTC Scorpion Tech Specs Leaked

The tech-sphere is abuzz with rumors relating to upcoming HTC models lately and the newest to make it to the list is HTC Scorpion. Folks at AndroidSpin reveal an anonymous source as revealing crucial details about the HTC Scorpion. This is what we know at the moment

  • 1.5 GHz processor
  • Android 2.2 OS
  • Wimax availability

How credible is this news? We can’t say. But we would like to assume that if this is true, then we could be seeing one of the “smartest” phones around that can beat the processing speed of even the Nexus One hands down. What do you think?

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HTC Bravo May Launch In March With Orange

This is strictly a rumor and is more likely to be false than true, but according to “leaked” Orange documents, HTC Bravo might launch in March and Orange could be a likely partner.

According to reports on Phandroid, these are the likely specifciations of the new smartphone from HTC

  • 1GHz Snapdragon CPU
  • 3.7? AMOLED capacitive touchscreen with WVGA resolution (480 x 800)
  • 5MP camera
  • Wi-Fi
  • GPS

Think it’s very close to the Nexus One? We too feel the same way and that is exactly why we think this rumor does not mean much.

[via Phandroid]

HTC myTouch 1.2 To Come With Expresso, Swype Input

I am not very sure about the credibility of this rumor, but folks at Android Community report “creditable sources” as revealing that the HTC myTouch 1.2 could be launching with Expresso and Swype Input.

You might have heard of Swype. It is an upcoming technology founded by the developer of the popular T9 dictionary that claims to improve the speed of typing on your mobile phone. Here is quick video that will give you a nice idea of how it works.

Expresso, as Android Community notes is HTC’s own version of Android 2.1 with more features like Sense UI. If these rumors are true, then myTouch 1.2 is definitely something to watch out for…though I still have my doubts on whether Swype is really that new-age technology that it is hyped to be.

[via Android Community]

Is Obsession HTC’s First Windows Mobile 7 Device?

Folks at WMPowerUser claim their sources as saying that HTC Obsession, the company’s much touted 3.7″ AMOLED display smartphone launching later this year shall be launched as HTC Diamond 3, the company’s first phone on Windows Mobile 7.

According to these sources, the device is supposed to be launched in June 2010, though it could be delayed. I’m kind of skeptical on this  one because there are some contradictions here. Just recently, there were reports about Windows Mobile 7 powered handsets launching as late as Q4 of this year. In fact, the report claimed the manufacturers to be getting accessing to the OS not before September 2010.

Considering the launch dates could be put off by as much as two quarters, it is not really clear if HTC would want to wait until then to launch a WinMo 7 powered handset or would be launching Obsession on WinMo 6.5.

What do you think?

[WMPU via Electronista]

HTC Hero To Get Android 2.1 In February

A Polish Android website claims that HTC Hero in Europe may directly leap ahead to come installed with Android 2.1 OS next month. Apparently, the news about this has come from the “top at HTC Poland“.

We are not sure about the claims, but as we had already heard, HTC Hero was expected to give a slip to Android 1.6 and come directly on Android 2.0 or 2.01. With Android 2.1, HTC Hero might only be the second device after the Google Nexus One to come with the recently launched platform.

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