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Adobe Flash Player 10.2 For Android 3.0

Android’s growing popularity is making everyone design products for the OS now. Adobe is planning to do a mobile compatible flash player for Android 3.0 based tablets. Flash Player 10.2 – the mobile version of the flash will be integrated into the hardware allowing it to decode the video which would save the battery power by a fair margin when compared to the software doing the decoding.

Also, Blackberry devices are also expected to get the Flash Player 10.2. At the moment, the version is being tested intensively on the Motorola Xoom, various other netbooks and the Blackberry PlayBook. As of now, this version of the flash is going to be released for the above mentioned devices, while the other devices have some compatibility issues which will be dealt with accordingly.

Adobe has already mentioned that Android users across the world have downloaded the flash version for their devices 20 million times in the six months after the launch.

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Blackberry Phones To Go Visual With Voicemail

The Mobile World Congress being held in Barcelona from the 14th of February to the 17th will see the launch of the application Visual Voice Mail (VVM) for Blackberry phones. The VVM application is being developed by Communology, a specialist mobile phones’ s application developer. VVM is an app which is being developed for the blackberry phones and can convert the voice into text format on the phone.

VVM comes with a user interface that is visual and allows users to process voicemails into text just with the push of a button. The app also allows users to store the voicemail in text format for as long as the user wishes to just like a text message or an email. Other smartphone users can use the VMM widget that is available online can access the basic functions of VMM.

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Unable To Send Emails On Blackberry Enterprise Server? AT&T Tells How

Are you having trouble sending email over the Blackberry Enterprise Server? AT&T’s business tech support group has been offering video-based how-to support over YouTube for sometime now and the team has this week posted a good video tutorial on how to go about troubleshooting your problem.

The solutions offered include basic troubleshooting options like checking out whether terms like GPRS, EDGE and 3G are entered in the appropriate upper-case format and also teaches you how to enable enterprise activation. It’s a short video that will give you a brief of the basic steps involved. Of course, if these steps do not help you out, you could go ahead and call the AT&T tech support.

Nevertheless, check the video out for the “first-aid” steps. Is there any other troubleshooting step you would add?

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How To Wirelessly Sync Blackberry With iTunes

Blackberry users have traditionally been required to install a dedicated media player application on their Blackberry and manually drag and drop all your music files from iTunes to your Blackberry’s SD card. It’s such a mess.

A new application now available on Blackberry AppWorld helps to simplify this process. Called Music WithMe, the application lets you wirelessly sync your entire iTunes playlist with your blackberry thus letting you play all of this using the default media player on your BB. Best thing is that the application runs in the background. So users do not have to manually launch the application to sync.

And the price? At $15, it’s a little expensive though, but can be well worth it if you really hate the alternative.

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How To Jailbreak A Blackberry Phone?

Ok, the title of the post may be misleading but I posted it so because there seem to be a lot of Blackberry newbies who think of all the “cool stuffs” iPhone users get to do after jailbreak and so want a similar experience for their Blackberry phones like Curve, Pearl, Storm, etc.

Reality is, unlike the iPhone which is closed to third party app downloads (unless they are from the App Store and Apple stands to make a commission out of a purchase), Blackberry is already open to third party downloads. So, jailbreaking a Blackberry really does not achieve anything. So go ahead and enjoy your Blackberry without jailbreaking.

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Blackberry Curve Email Problems

Here are some of the most common problems people face with sending email on Blackberry. If you do not find a solution to your email here, add it in the comments, we can sort them out.

Blackberry Curve Email Setup Problems
Sometimes it can so happen that your Blackberry does not let you to create a new email account and only offers enterprise options. This can happen if you are not on the appropriate plan. Call your operator and ask for “Blackberry Data Plan“. Also, this problem may arise if you are using your old SIM on an unlocked Blackberry Curve

If none of this is the cause and you are not able to view ‘Setup Email’ option, then switch off your Blackberry Curve, remove the battery completely, insert it back after a few minutes and switch it on. This must fix the problem. If this does not help, login to your Blackberry Internet Service from your provider’s website and setup email from there.

Blackberry Curve Emails Not Coming Through
There are two reasons why this is happening. First thing you need to check is if your inbox is full. If this does not seem to be having any issue, then your login credentials might have changed. Login to Blackberry Internet Service from your provider’s website and confirm if all your credentials are up to date.

Comment back if you have other issues



How To Transfer Blackberry Messenger Contacts To New Phone

Here is a step by step procedure for users to transfer their BBM contacts to a new phone

Backing Up Contacts From Old Phone

Step 1 : Ensure your Blackberry’s battery, SIM card and media card are in place on your old phone
Step 2 : Launch Blackberry Messenger. Confirm that you can view all the contacts and group settings from your old phone
Step 3 : Tap on the ‘Menu‘ option. You will find an option to ‘Backup Contact List‘. Select that option
Step 4 : You will be prompted with the destination folder. Select ‘Backup files Locally
Step 5 : Now change the ‘Save files to’ option to Media card in order to save the files in the media card. Note the generic name that the backup file is saved as

Transferring Contacts To New Phone

Step 1 : Remove the battery, SIM Card and Media card from old phone and set them up on the new phone
Step 2 : Launch Blackberry messenger
Step 3 : Hit the Menu option and click on ‘Restore Contact List
Step 4 : You will now be asked for source file. Select ‘Restore using a backup file from device
Step 5 : Find the media card folder and navigate to IM -> Blackberry Messenger ->
-> Back up
. Select the backup file created on the old phone
Step 6 : You will now see a confirmation message : “This operation will replace all your existing contacts. Are you sure you want to proceed“. Press ‘Yes’.

You are done. However please note that this will replace all your existing contacts on to your new Blackberry. However, that should not be a problem if this is a new phone

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Free Blackberry Location Tracking Software

A phone locator software is extremely useful if you want to track down your lost Blackberry or want to check out on the where-abouts of your children. The simple tutorial here will take you through the process

Step 1 : We will use a software called InstaMapper for the service. Click here to create a free account with the service

Step 2 : You will be required to activate your account. Once done, login into your account by clicking here

Step 3 : Click “Add a tracking device”

Step 4 : Fill in the details requested. Once done, click on “Add”

Step 5 : You will be provided a unique 13 digit device key for your Blackberry

Step 6 : Visit Blackberry App World and install the “GPS Tracker” application. Alternately, you can also visit this link from your Blackberry and download the app over the air
PS : Blackberry Storm users can click this link for an app with higher resolution

Step 7 : Launch the application on your Blackberry. You will be asked to enter the 13 digit device key (from Step 5). Enter and proceed.

Step 8 : If you own a Blackberry Storm with Verizon, check “Disable A-GPS” in the settings. Press “Menu” key to save

Step 9 : The process is complete. You can login to your Instamapper account online or from any internet enabled device to check out the location of your Blackberry device


Use Blackberry As Flash Drive

Nobody carries a flash drive these days and it is always easy to get your Blackberry to double up as a flash drive to store important files, music,etc. Fortunately, unlike many other closed platforms, Blackberry makes it simple to turn your mobile phone into a USB driver for file  back up. Here is how you will proceed

Step 1 : Download the Blackberry USB and Modem Drivers package (ver 4.5 or ver 4.6) on to your desktop computer

Step 2 : After you download either of the two version files, double click to install the package on your computer

Step 3 : Activate the USB Mass storage mode on your Blackberry. To do so, navigate to Home Screen -> Options -> Media Card. Set the configuration as follows

Media Card Support: On
Encryption Mode: None
Mass Storage Mode Support: On
Auto enable Mass Storage Mode When Connected: Prompt
Total Space: 999.9MB
Free Space: 999.9MB

Step 4 : Plug your Blackberry device to your computer. You shall be prompted with “Do you want to activate USB Mass Storage Mode?“. Click on Yes

Step 5 : You’re done. Confirm this by visiting your Windows Explorer. You will now see your Blackberry as among the list of hard drives


Set Up Three-Way Calling On Blackberry

Setting up a three-way call on your Blackberry is pretty simple. Follow these steps below to get going. You can also use this method to set up conferencing with as many people as you choose.

Setting Up Three Way Call

Step 1 : Connect with the first caller by either making the call yourself or receiving a call from the other end

Step 2 : Once the connection is established, press the green colored talk button (on the top left of the keypad)

Step 3 : You will now be prompted to enter the name or number of the third person. Enter the details and press the green button again to establish the second call

Step 4 : Your second connection will now be established. Press the Menu button to view the options window.

Step 5 : Press ‘Join‘ to set up the three way call

To Disconnect One Caller

Step 1 : When the three way call is set up, press the menu button to open the options window

Step 2 : A list of options appear. Select ‘End Call

Step 3 : You will now be presented the list of callers. Select the caller to disconnect and confirm. You have disconnected the caller.