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HP Slate 500 Pricing Details Announced

HP Slate, the tablet computer from the company that was supposed to be the primary rival to the Apple iPad before that spot was taken away by the Samsung Galaxy Tab, appears to be well on course to be launched during the holiday shopping season. The company has announced that the initial launch of the new HP Slate 500 will happen in the United States and further expansion elsewhere will happen after the success of the device is measured.

Like we had already noted in the HP Slate Vs. Apple iPad article back in April this year, the device will come with an 8.9″ WVGA hybrid capacitive multitouch display, an Intel Atom 1.86GHz Z540 processor, a 2GB RAM, 64GB SSD, a 3-Megapixel rear camera along with a VGA front camera besides other specifications. The device will run on Windows 7.

Clearly, the device is not aimed at the media consuming population alone. The tablet computer will also come with a HP Slate digital pen, HP Slate Dock and HP Slate Portfolio that all seem to suggest that the company is targeting the media creators as well. With Windows 7 running, this is pretty much a productivity tool.

That utility is also clear in the pricing. HP Slate 500 is tagged at a price of $799 that includes the tablet and all the aforementioned accessories. No word on whether this device will come subsidized on carrier contracts. Also, wait for some more time before the official launch date is announced.

Meanwhile, this announcement also quashes one another rumor – that the HP Slate is going to be called PalmPad.

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HP Tablet To Be Called PalmPad?

The headline of this post can be a little misleading in the sense that this is not actually a new thing. Hewlett Packard filed for the trademark for ‘PalmPad’ back in July this year that have got us speculating that this could be one possible name for the upcoming webOS tablet. However, the rumors just got a major boost when Todd Bradley, an Executive Vice President at HP seemed to confirm the news. In a statement over the company’s upcoming products, Bradley said,

We’ve already announced the expansion of our future product portfolio well beyond smartphones. We’ll have a webOS-powered PalmPad that will be set for release early in 2011.”

Of course this is not a confirmation of rumors since PalmPad has been prominently been used to reference the upcoming tablet and hence Bradley may simply be playing to the gallery. Nevertheless, with an official acknowledgement of this name, it only makes sense to hold this as the most likely name until HP announces otherwise.

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New HP Pavilion DM3 Laptop Features Reviewed

Hewlett Packard have unveiled a brand new version of their 13.3″ Pavilion DM3 notebook that comes with an Aluminium finish and integrates a CoolSense technology that will help in better heat management. Also, the redesigned model cuts down on a lot of flab and measures less than 1-inch in thickness and weighs not more than 3.99 pounds.

There are a good few enhancements on the specifications as well. The 13.3-inch display notebook runs on a 1.2 GHz dual core Intel Pentium processor that is supplemented by Intel’s HD Graphics chip. It is however reported that an alternative ULV Core i3 processor could be offered as an alternate processor down the line. In addition to this, other features include a 4GB DDR3 RAM, a 320GB Hard drive, a 7,200 RPM hard disc and connectivity offered by Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

The highlight is definitely the CoolSense technology that can control the fans depending on whether the laptop is actually on your lap or is elsewhere. The notebook comes with a 6-cell battery that can power your device for a good 7.5 hours.

HP Pavilion DM3 is now available at a starting price of $550.

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HP eStation Zeen Printer Tablet On Android – Launch In September

Hewlett Packard has been in the process of launching a new tablet computer that is bundled with a printer and this news has been doing the rounds for sometime now. The HP eStation Zeen Printer tablet is said to be a 7-inches touchscreen display device that comes packed with 800×600 pixels and is said to run on Android.

Skeptics have been questioning the authenticity of these rumors considering that the company is moving towards building webOS based tablet devices post the acquisition of Palm. However, we are now hearing that this Android tablet is actually in the works and the reason it’s on Android is because the project was concieved by the HP Printer department which finalized the project before the Palm acquisition.

The tablet PC is expected to launch in September at a price of $399. Not bad at all if you consider that this is actually a 2-in-1 device.

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Browse Websites Via SMS Text Message With HP SiteOnMobile

HP Labs India is learned to be working on a new technology that will allow users to access contents of a website through commands sent via an SMS text message or using voice commands. According to a report published on the ReadWriteWeb, the new technology is built with the help of a Cloud-based application developed by HP named Tasklet.

However, this technology may not be used to visit any random website. The SiteOnMobile feature will require website publishers to develop tiny widgets of contents called tasklets that are mapped to specific SMS text messages or voice commands that reside on the HP Tasklet server. Consequently, every time a user sends an SMS to access a particular website, the website tasklet that is mapped to the particular SMS text message is retrieved and sent to the user as an SMS. Alternately, users may also choose to receive IVR based voice outputs.
HP Labs SiteOnMobile

HP is currently working with select publishers in this new technology. The company has stated that the focus is currently on testing and popularizing the service and that monetization is presently not a priority.

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HP Officejet 4500 All-in-One Printer With Wi-Fi Networking

Hewlett Packard released their HP Officejet 4500 all-in-one printer in February this year. The new printer is aimed at light users and offers some interesting features including networking via Wi-Fi.

Here are some important technical specifications of HP Officejet 4500

Color print at 4800×1200 dpi
Monochrome at 600×600 dpi
Paper capacity of 100
OS Compatibility : Windows, Mac
Dimensions : 17.07×15.81×8.53 inches
1 Year warranty

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The all-in-one inkjet printer renders color prints at 22 pages-per-minute while monochrome pages are rendered at 28 pages-per-minute. But do note that this is more likely only for draft publications. Otherwise, expect a reduction in speed.

There are some disadvantages with HP Officejet 4500 as well. The device does not print from memory cards or USB drives and is limited to one-line text only LCD prints. Nevertheless, at a price of $129, it is quite a bargain.

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HP Mini 100e Price And Technical Specifications

Hewlett Packard has announced the new Mini 100e Education edition notebook to take on Intel Classmate PC series. The device will launch in July at a price of $300. However, expect the price to get down further as the company works out bulk deals with educational institutions.

Here are some of the tech specs that we currently know about the HP Mini 100e “notebook for kids

Display : 10.1 inch LED-backlit WSVGA (1024×600 resolution)
Weight : 3.19 pounds
Processor : Intel Atom N455
Memory : 1GB DDR3 RAM
Platform : Windows XP Home, Windows 7 Starter or SuSE Linux
Connectivity : Wi-Fi, WLAN, integrated modem
Other features
MIC ports
VGA webcam

[via Ubergizmo]

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Ad Supported Printing : HP To Partner With Yahoo Advertising

Very soon, pages you print from the internet using your web-connected HP printer may contain ads. In a pretty controversial move, Hewlett Packard has partnered with Yahoo Advertising for a pilot program that will deliver targeted ads on pages printed using their web connected printers.

HP launched the new web connected printers last week that will allow users to print content directly from the web or use their mobile phones to remotely trigger the printer to print selected pages from the web.

The value proposition for the user is not known. Traditionally, revenues advertising has been used by content creators as an alternative model for paid subscriptions. While that holds good for the traditional print or web medium, it does not however seem fit for HP’s new model. It is not clear if HP plans to subsidize the cost of the printer in exchange for ad-supported printing.

Nevertheless, this can be a controversial move and do not expect consumers to lap it up readily.

[via ComputerWorld]

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HP TouchSmart TM2 With Intel Core i3/i5 Processors In June

HP TouchSmart TM2, the convertible tablet-cum-notebook PC may get a much needed boost in speed next month. According to reports on German website, New Gadget, Hewlett Packard may replace the existing Core 2 Duo SU7300 processor with Intel Core  i3 and Core i5 processors in June.

This may not be the only change and there is a possibility to see changes being made to the other specs, though there is no word on that. TouchSmart is also likely to retain its WXGA capacitive touchscreen that can operated with both a stylus and finger.

[via SlashGear]

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WebOS Tablet : HP Hurricane Launch In Q3

There have been several rumors over the past couple of weeks that Hewlett Packard may have just killed their much anticipated HP Slate. Other rumors pointed out to the Windows 7 OS being replaced. None of them have been confirmed so far.

However, Examiner now reveals from “industry insiders” that HP may actually be replacing the HP Slate with a WebOS based tablet; HP Hurricane,  that could launch in the third quarter of this year. Examiner points out that not only will this vindicate HP’s acquisition of Palm earlier this month, but will also improve the processing speed of its tablet device. Paul Mueller, a LA based industry analyst speaks of HP Slate,

“It is a really interesting device, but runs as slow as a turtle. I think they could have had something with a faster processor, but that would have led to less battery life than the Slate already had. If rumors of this tablet are true, this can be a killer device–webOS is an outstanding operating system for a tablet.”

Killer device – hopefully and it better be it.

[via Examiner]