Is Nokia Planning To Tie-Up With Google As Well?

We all know about the Nokia-Microsoft partnership that happened yesterday. Now, if rumors are to be believed, Nokia is also planning to tie-up with Google and use the support of their phone OS Android. This news comes from Elder Murtazin, the chief analyst of “Inside sources have reported that Nokia is also planning to cut a deal with Google”, said Murtazin. Murtazin has also tweeted that the first Android based Nokia phones are due for a 2012 market release.

We already know that Nokia has let go of its own phone OS Symbian and from now on their mobile phone solutions are going to be based on Microsoft’s Windows. With Android stepping into the scene as well, we can now be sure that Symbian is gone forever and we won’t be seeing the two hands shaking on Nokia’s start-up screens any more.

Blackberry Playbook To Run Android Apps

If rumors are to be believed, RIM is looking to implement Google’s Android apps on its Playbook, the new Blackberry tablet from RIM. According to reports, RIM, with the help of an in-built software is looking to run the 130,000 Android Apps on its upcoming tablet. The android App support for the Playbook is expected to be ready by this year’s second half.

But, RIM is a bit apprehensive about implementing it at the same time as it fears legal obligations from Oracle if it were to use the Android’s Dalvik Virtual Machine that powers the Android 3.0 tablets. But, right now there is nothing official about this move either from RIM nor Google.

But, if RIM were to seek Goolge’s help in this regards, Google would be more than happy to extend their App store on to the Blackberry tablets as well. But, where does this leave Blackberry store?

iPhone 5 Announcement on June 5th?

According to reports, the Moscone Center is booked for a corporate meeting between the 5th of June to the 9th. There are now speculations that Apple would be announcing the iPhone 5 along with iOS 5 during that meeting. If the dates are observed clearly, one can see that the meeting at Moscone Center is a five day event. Coincidentally, the World Wide Developer Conference held every year by Apple is also a five day event which in a way strengthen the rumors about the iPhone 5 and iOS 5.

It was at the World Wide Developer Conference last year that Apple unveiled iPhone 4 and altered the name of iPhone OS to iOS. We also reported yesterday that Apple is planning to build a universal iPhone that would allow the usage of any network carrier on the phone. Seems like iPhone 5 would be that universal phone.

If this launch were to true, it would be a great occasion for Steve Jobs to come back again.

Android Market Web Store Users Need Not Be Concerned Yet

We reported yesterday that there was possible malware or a spyware threat evident from the Android Market Web Store to its smartphone users. The security firm Sophos assessed the online Android web store and suggested that the acceptance mechanism associated with the store was flawed and could enable third party users to install spyware on to the smartphones.

Google has now come up with an explanation for the same problem and has suggested that for now, there is no evident security threat from the store and it is risk free for the moment. Google has suggested that there is atwo-tire verification process on the online store which would make it very difficult for third party users to break in and install spyware. However Google has asked users to maintain strong passwords and also suggested that users should remember to log out of their accounts, especially when they access the store through a public domain.

Android 2.4 To be Released in April?

There were rumors going around the Android 2.4 version would be including features of Android 3.0, codenamed Honeycomb. Now, there are fresh rumors doing rounds that the Android 2.4 which was rumored to be codenamed Ice cream Sandwich would be released in the month of April. There is no news if Android 2.4 would be codenamed Ice cream Sandwich as rumored, but it has come to light that 2.4 is going to retain the Gingerbread flavour. Apparently the American company Viewsonic would be the first phone to come with Android 2.4. Viewsonic’s Viewpad 4 will be the first device to be launched with the 2.4 version of the Google phone OS.

If this was to happen, Viewpad 4 will be the first single core smartphone that will be able to run Honeycomb apps on it. So, what we reported about Android 2.4 experiencing Honeycomb would be coming true.

Google Android On the Rise, Overtakes Apple

In an earlier news, we reported that the Google OS has overtaken Nokia’s Symbian to become the world’s most popular phone OS. A dotcom report which was released yesterday suggests the same trend in the US market with Goolge leaping past everyone else in the smartphone business except America’s favourite smartphone – RIM’s Blackberry. But, Goolge is definitely closing in on RIM as well.

While the market share of Android as far (as the smartphone market was concerned) in the third quarter of 2010 was 21.4 percent, it has risen up to 28.7 percent by the end of the fourth quarter. As far as Apple is concerned, they only managed to post an increase of 0.7 percent finishing at 25 percent share by the end of the quarter. Blackberry on the other hand, has come down from 37.3 percent to 31.6 percent, a considerable fall for the giant.

So for now, Android can maintain the lead over Apple. But iPhone 4 on Verizon can sure turn the tables around for Apple.

Android Market Web Store Flawed

The Android Market Web Store which was launched by Google for its smartphone users is now actually posing a serious malware threat to its users. The web based market store was launched by Goolge last week to enable the users of Android running smartphones to update and install applications on their phone or phones through the internet without having to use the device as such.

But the security firm Sophos, has spotted a flaw with the acceptance mechanism of these phones. Sophos has also suggested Google to get rid of this application immediately so as to prevent the threats of any malware or spyware on the devices. Sophos opines that the lack of acceptance mechanism on the phones can enable third party members to interfere with the app installation process and install unwanted malware.

Looks like Google’s idea to bring down App store has hit a serious road block. Long way to go, Android.

Will Android 2.4 Experience Honeycomb?

Android 2.4, rumored to be Google’s updated OS for smartphones might get a chance to experience some of the features of Android 3.0, popularly known as Honeycomb. Right now Android 3.0 is only being used on Google oriented tablets. But, rumors have been around for a while now that the work on Android 2.4 – codename Ice Cream Sandwich has already begun and Google is trying to get some of it’s tablet features on to their smartphones.

It is not clear yet if the supposed Android 2.4 is called Ice Cream Sandwich, but Android smartphone users are definitely eager about this newer version. As of now, there is no clarity about the features that would be available on 2.4. It is expected that the notifications system and UI elements are going to be present. Although, there are rumors about Renderscrip and hardware accelaration as well.

Android Market Web Store – Should Apple Begin To Fear?

The Android Market Web store which is an updated version of the previous Android application store was launched a couple of days earlier. The main idea behind this update is Goolge’s attempt to overthrow the App store possessed by Apple. The new Android 3.0 or the Honeycomb as it has been codenamed has more reasons to smile now that millions of users are eager to lay their hands on Android tablets as well.

One of the benefits that Honeycomb is going to offer is the ability to sync all the applications that you possess on your Android handset on to the tablet. Also, this process is simple and does not consume much time. The second benefit is the web store that Google has started. Using this, one can download applications not just to one device of theirs but to as many devices they want to.

So, what would Apple have to come up with next other than their 1OS 4.3 beta update?

Android 3.0 Honeycomb – More a Tablet PC ?

Google launched its Android 3.0 Honeycomb tablet yesterday. Loyalists of Apple can breathe a sigh of relief as this one looks more akin to a tablet PC than an iPad. The basic feeling that one got after seeing the tablet yesterday was, it is not as simple as an iPad. Unlike iPad’s homescreen which looks pretty simple and uncomplicated, the homepage of Google’s tablet is flooded with various widgets that span over multiple pages.

The on-screen virtual desktops, action bars, docks and floating panels all make the tablet a PC when compared to Apple’s slim iPad. Also, the apps on the tablet are constantly polling data which reduces the battery power substantially. The Android Honeycomb tablet has a few additional apps that are not available on iPad, like Google maps 5.0, pop-up notification system and an advanced camera app.

Google’s also taken a dig at iPad saying that its homescreen looks “like a warehouse of Apps”.