What is the next step for mobile gaming?

Technology has continued to grow from strength to strength with the continual improvements of mobile phones, the introduction of tablets and the innovative design of Google Glass, but what is coming next for mobile gaming? One thing that most gamers are calling for is improved graphics, but it may be difficult to fetch the very best graphics to mobile devices without compromising the speed at which the game and device runs. One example could be the use of first-person shooters, and how this can be developed and controlled on mobile devices.

Increasing the graphic capabilities of any games – be it poker, multiplayer or simulation – would also mean increasing the memory and battery capabilities of the mobile devices used. There is nothing worse than being half way through a game and it stuttering and stopping, or your battery giving in and the screen going black. Most people are looking forward with a mixture of hope and scepticism to the days when you no longer have to carry chargers round with you when you’re nipping out for a few hours.

But what about hands free; is Google Glass the future of mobile gaming? Imagine walking along the street playing in a poker tournament and still being able to see everything and avoid walking into lampposts, or having your favourite multiplayer game in the corner of your vision and controlling it with your voice, leaving your hands free to do anything else needed.

Although there is of course the fact that Glass isn’t the most visually pleasing device and you might feel rather stupid walking down the street and looking as though you’re talking to yourself. However with it being the first generation it might just be too much for hearts to take when they want to do something, but the technology just isn’t that advanced yet.

Closer to the here and now though is the successful development of cross-platform gaming. Walking home playing football on your mobile or maybe a quick casino game, and being unable to pause and change it to your larger screen once indoors has long been the bane of many a gamer’s life. EA Casual Entertainment is one of several companies to announce they will be publishing games across various platforms allowing this magical transition to take place. Whatever the future of mobile gaming may be, for now you can play at the best Poker tables around.


Comparing online gaming between tablets and mobile phones

Online gaming has become one of the major applications of mobile phones and tablets. As PC sales decline sharply, those of tablets and smartphones skyrocket and today most owners of mobile devices favor using their tablets rather than their desktops for playing games.

The fundamental difference between the latest generations of tablets and mobile phones is that while tablets have larger displays phones are easier to carry around. Or at least that is the general consensus, though there are signs that it is changing.
If you think back to the times before we used to carry mobile computing devices on which we organizer our business and social lives, you might recall the Filofax. The Filofax was the first and possibly most prestigious of personal organizers  Generally leather bound, it was a six ring loose leaf binder in which people kept their diary, event organizers  contact lists, personal information, maps, and many other things that today are typically kept on a mobile phone. During the 1980s, when everyone was or alluded to being a yuppie, carrying around a Filofax was a sign that you had arrived; that you were one of the in-crowd. It has the same social status as owning an iPhone had when few people owned one.

The point is, the Filofax was typically the size of today’s tablet. And everyone carried one around. So, once we get accustomed to the size of tablets we will all start carrying those around too, and we will think nothing of doing so. Once this happens, and it almost certainly will, the tablet will replace the mobile phone as the primary online gaming device. We will use it for playing online casino games at a mobile casino like Lucky Nugget, for playing online games with our friends, and for playing huge online multiplayer games that are today mostly associated with gaming consoles

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Top Five Action Games For Android

Android platform has the best mobile platform for inter process and inter application architectures. If you want to install suits of application and games in your mobile, then android blows most competitive platforms in this area. There is something about android mobiles, which gives you alluring, interesting and tempting experience while playing games. If you have bought android device recently or any plans to buy it in future, then here are top five action games, which will give you thrilling experience.

1. Assassin’s creed: If you want to experience the real power of assassin in digital epic adventure then must play this. The game which gives you well balance experience of chaotic actions, stealth and riddle solving exploration, with historic environments in digital form. This gives you the much-feared experience and rides you through lot of adventures move.

2. Dungeon Hunter: The exceptional games like Dungeon Hunter don’t come occasionally. The game is embedded with story of man who supposed to fight a queen in a mystical land. Game passes you through occasional exploration, protection and killing with the help of five magical fair ladies. It’s the ideal game to play alone which will keep you stuck to your android for lot of ours.

3. Gangster west coast Hustle: Is the first game in the gangster game series from west coast hustle games for android in particular. Game comprises of two parts, gangster offers you mind boggling experience of gangster’s life through realistic environments. You run your own gang, steal money, shoot cops and goes through rapid firing through different weapons. The graphics in gangster are awesome; the extra digital effects add perfect originality while playing this game. You get obsessed in leveling system so much that, you will find very difficult to pull yourself from game before finishing it completely.

4. Heavy gunner 3D: The most recent fantasy is possible for android users through game like heavy gunner which is in enlightening 3D experience format. This game is a first person shooter game creates inter-galactic atmosphere by offering mind blowing and thrilling shooting experience. The game has beautiful concept with best visual presentation, which involves nonstop actions and best customize options to choose your game difficulty levels, which keep you intact till you achieve your final mission.

5. Robo defense: If you already played tower defense game, you know basics of robo defense game. Same as tower games, robo defense games offers lot varieties of towers, which comes with more upgraded options. The game really set unforgettable experience for user and is highly addictive. The 11 difficulty levels and riddle solving exploration keeps you extremely curious till the end of the game.

Games is the most loved feature an android ever has, and if you really want to take true gaming experience then android computer will be best device for you. Playing above games on your laptop may cause their batteries draining out; in that case android computer is perfect option. So just add above games to your android and they will give you perfect excitement you want on your android.

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Upcoming PS3 and XBox Games In The First Half of 2011

It’s been a while that we got to see some exciting stuff on our gaming consoles. After COD: Black Ops, there’s not been one game that has evoked the interest of gaming enthusiasts. Come 2011, there are definitely a few good ones to look forward to. The ones that we are going to get in the next four months are Bulletstorm, Killzone 3, Mortal Kombat and L.A. Noir.

Bulletstorm and Killzone 3 are due on the 22nd of February, Mortal Kombat is coming out on April 9th and L.A. Noir is out on the 17th of May. While Bulletstorm is an EA Games presentation for both XBox and Sony, Killzone is exclusive to PS3 gamers. Mortal Kombat comes from Warner Home Video games and L.A. Noir is a Rockstar games presentation for both PS3 and XBox.

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HTC Launches Its Tablet – Flyer

The Mobile World Congress at Barcelona this year is seeing full fledged launches from almost all the mobile giants. After Samsung and Sony Ericsson unveiled their respective smartphones and tablets, it was the Taiwanese giant HTC‘s turn today as it launched its tablet – “Flyer”. Following on the lines of their own smartphones, the HTC Flyer comes with aluminium unibody design and a 7″ touchscreen display. Interestingly, this tablet does not run on Android 3.0 or Honeycomb, but runs on the Android 2.4 more popular as the Ice Cream Sandwich.

Other specs of the HTC tablet include a 1.5 GHz Qaulcomm Snapdragon processor, 1GB RAM, 32 GB hard disk space, 5.0 mega pixel camera, a 1.3 mega pixel camera in the front, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and HSPA support. Overall the tablet weighs less than a pound. The UI of the tablet will run on HTC Sense with many more added widgets when compared to the smartphones that use the same UI.

Tha tablet also comes with a stylus.

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Samsung and Sony Ericsson Grace The First Day At the Mobile World Congress

The Mobile World Congress has finally kicked off. On the first day at the MWC in Barcelona, the South Korean giant Samsung and the Japanese giant Sony showcased their range of new smartphones and tablet devices based on Google’s Android OS. While Samsung showcased its Galaxy S smartphone and the next generation Galaxy Tab tablet, Sony Ericsson unveiled its Xperia Play – the playstation induced mobile phone. Sony is also planning to ship the new gaming handsets soon.

The MWC which is going to last two more days is going to see many more mobile products in the next couple of days with the like of RIM, Motorola and HTC eagerly waiting to unleash their products. No doubt, Android is the leading phone OS in the world right now and it is topping every other OS at the moment by some margin. But, Apple’s products are in the waiting and anything can happen.

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AT&T Comes Up With a New Gaming Platform For Androids

AT&T, which is heavily investing into Google’s Android based phones is coming up with a new social gaming platform for these phones. This move happens to come as AT&T has lost its monolpoly over the Apple iPhone. OpenFeint video game network, which develops social games that help users on different platforms play against each other and chat at the same time is partnering with AT&T for building the gaming platform for Android phones. Along with playing and chatting, the social gaming platform would also allow interested users to create content.

Apparently, OpenFeint is Apple’s competitor on the social gaming platform. Apple has its own gaming platform called the Game Center which was last by Apple in September 2010 for the iPod Touch and iPhone. With AT&T losing its grip on Apple and the increasing popularity of mobile gaming, Android phones gain.

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Sony NGP To Be Priced 299$?

According to rumors, the Sony NGP has been listed for a price of 299$. Sony unveiled their next generation play station portable this month in Tokyo and ever since there has been enough speculation about its price. Earlier, even gorumors reported that the NGP was going to cost 350$. There were other rumors that were doing round after the prototype was launched that the price of NGP was going to be 599$. But, Sony quickly dismissed it. But as per GameStop’s databases report, the NGP has been listed for 299$.

According to GameStop, the Nintendo 3DS is going to cost 249 $ which could have prompted Sony not to price the NGP too heavily. A 50$ difference in the prices of the twoi hand held consoles might also go down well with the gamers, if the rumor about the price were to be true.

Fingers crossed, fellow gamers.


Activision Axes Guitar Hero, DJ Hero and True Crime

The once very famous Guitar Hero and DJ Hero games have now been axed by Activision following the poor run of their last year’s release Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock. While the DJ Hero game has also seen huge losses and the chief executive of Activision, Eric Hirshberg has exclaimed that these games just cannot be made profitable considering today’s market demands. Another shocker was the shelving of True Crime: Hong Kong, the third in the Underworld Shooter Series. According to Hirshberg, the game just does not have the potential any more to grab gamers’ attention.

As a result of the above move from Activison almost 500 people are going to be rendered jobless while more than a 100 UK based companies involved in the Guitar Hero and the True Crime games are going to be severely affected.

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Sony Xperia Play on Orange and T-Mobile in UK

We know that the Sony Xperia Play, Sony Ericsson’s new smartphone is being unveiled at the Mobile World congress in Barcelona on 13th February. The phone is going to be available in the UK markets via Orange and T-Mobile and if the rumors are true, one can get to lay their hands on this wonderful playstation included smartphone in April. Apart from these two networking companies, O2 and Vodafone have also expressed their wish to stock the phone which will only mean that 3 network is not in the hunt for now. Even if 3 were to jump into the mix, users of all networks are in for Everything Everywhere.

The Sony Xperia Play comes with a four inch touch screen display and the most awaited feature which includes a built in playstation portable. If UK should get it in April, US users can expect Play even earlier.