Notion Ink Adam GPS Mapping Application Demoed

The latest video from Notion Ink demonstrates a third party application from Croatian developer, Mireo. Mireo is reportedly one of Notion Ink’s EAP partners.

The mapping application is pretty original and comes with the ability to track directions between any two places, find places of interest like Hotels, Petrol Station, Parking lot in the neighborhood, save/reverse route directions, etc. There is also voice notification. You can check out a demo of the application below.

Rohan Shravan has also revealed in his blog post that 3G devices will be capable of operating in 2G/EDGE networks. This is particularly important for customers in places like India where 3G networks are not fully operational.

Shravan has also revealed another interesting nugget of information. He has said that that the Adam will be capable of handling SMS messages. He notes that third party developers could build applications that can trigger the tablet to do things remotely by sending an SMS.

iPad 2 Hardware Features To Include Dual-Core Processor, Tapered Sides?

We are here with more iPad 2 rumors. Japanese blog Macotakara had earlier claimed from anonymous Chinese sources that the next generation iPad could come with a wide-range speaker offered on the rear-side bottom of the device.

Now, the blog has published a video of an iPad casing purported to be that of the upcoming iPad model that seemingly “confirms” this. Not just that, the video also shows that the new iPad could come with a flat back, tapered sides and realigned volume buttons. Check out the video below.

Rodman & Renshaw analyst Ashok Kumar may not be the best when it comes to getting rumors right. But what he says this time could be interesting. According to him, the new iPad 2 – that is likely to sport Apple’s in-house processors, could be equipped with a dual-core chip that will make the device capable of running more powerful features.

If this is true, it is also likely for the next generation iPhone and iPod Touch models to carry these powerful processor chips. It is worth noting that all these iDevices carry the same processor chips developed natively at Apple.

Notion Ink Adam Browser Features

Notion Ink has published yet another video – this time demoing the Adam’s native browser application. According to the team, the Adam browser performs much better than the native browsers on the iPad, iPhone 3GS, Droid and Nexus One in the RightWare Mark Browser benchmark test. Also, the browser is noted to perform favorably against the iPhone 3GS, Nexus One and iPad on the SunSpider Javascript Benchmark test.

Besides this, the video demo also takes the user through a number of features available on the Adam browser. This includes

  • Double tap to zoom in (similar to pinch-to-zoom on the iPhone and Android phones)
  • a tab switcher to navigate between all the active browser windows. Selecting a tab can either happen by a ‘tap and select’ or by directly swiping over the tab.
  • Drag over a tab to close it. You can also undo a closed tab from the tab switcher
  • All the browser functions like ‘back’, ‘forward’, ‘refresh’ and ‘bookmarks’ are on the left side of the browser
  • ‘Double touch’ to zoom while you scroll
  • Get a list of menu items by a ‘double tap and drag up’. The menu will give you options to view bookmarks, history, crop, find, select text, view downloads, browser settings, page info and kill browser
  • The ‘Panel view’ lets users check out all open tabs along vertical panels

You can check out a complete walk-through below. Do let us know how you find these features in the comments below.

Notion Ink Adam Hardware Features Demoed – HDMI, False Digitizer & Speakers

Rohan Shravan from the Notion Ink team has been giving us video demonstrations of the Adam’s Eden UI over the past few days. His latest video however goes deep into some of the hardware features available on the Adam tablet.

Points of note in the recent video include an HDMI port that will let users stream content from Adam over a TV or computer. The functionality will stream audio as well and is operable even when the Adam is put to sleep mode (in order to be more power efficient).

False digitizer on the Adam lets the user convert this tablet into an instant touchpad that can be used as a digitizer. While the video does demonstrate very accurate movement tracking, Shravan notes that the false digitizer will work best with a stylus.

Another feature that Shravan talks about in his latest blog post is the 2x speakers available on the Adam that offers an enhanced surround sound in comparison to the tablets available in the market that offer mono speakers. Check out the video demo of the Adam hardware in the video embedded below.

Logitech Revue With Google TV Production Halted Till Software Upgrade

Google TV has not had it easy over the past few weeks. Recently, Viacom blocked support to full episode streaming which meant users can no longer watch episodes from popular channels like MTV, Nickelodeon and Comedy Central. As Google stumbles upon one roadblock after another in the internet-connected TV segment, it looks like its partners have decided to drop support till the tide turn back in their favor.

According to reports, Logitech has instructed its manufacturer Gigabyte to halt production of its Revue set-top boxes until January 2011. The reason, it is told, is because of the unimpressive reception that Google TV has received so far in the market. The production can resume once again after January but that is depending on how Google sorts out its issues with content partners. Also, Logitech is learned to be awaiting a massive upgrade of the Google TV software that could make it a lot more appealing.

You can still buy a Revue from the stores as of now. There is still plenty of inventory that retailers can sell to you.

iPad 2 Cases Feature Slots For Speakers

The past couple of weeks has seen a deluge of rumors and speculations with respect to the next generation iPad. Yesterday, there were reports from Japan that suggested that the wide slots noticed in iPad case designs earlier were for a “wide range speaker” and not an SD card slot as reported. While that remains a speculation so far, we just have more information that supports this claim.

A new iPad case posted on Chinese eCommerce website,, has a rendering of the rear side that shows the slot being used to reveal the metal mesh of an iPad speaker. It must be noted that this is an image mockup that may not give the complete picture. Also, these accessories are designed by manufacturers based on design inputs they receive and may not always conform to the final design.

iPad case

Nevertheless, the latest speculation has raised the curiosity levels among observers and has renewed a debate on the merits of having an SD card slot vis-a-vis a speaker. What do you want on iPad 2?

Microsoft Kinect For PC Coming Soon?

Kinect, the massively popular gesture based motion controller that recently reported the sale of its 4 millionth unit could be coming to the PC soon. This speculation is courtesy a Korean game developer – GamePrix – who have announced that their newly launched PC-based MMORPG; Divine Souls will support gaming pads that will make it “resemble console games even more, and is scheduled to support Kinect“.

While it is possible that the Kinect controller for Divine Souls could be an unofficial offering, a statement by Microsoft representative Jason Lim has given the speculation a lot of credibility. In a recent interview, Lim is reported to have said,

“Kinect will soon be available as a new controller so it might be supported like joy pad mode in the future. Currently in MS, there are many game companies that are trying to apply for this system.”

If true, this is definitely an interesting proposition that could create an extended market for Kinect outside the XBox gaming audience. We will see how these ideas pan out towards the future.

iPad 3G On AT&T Website Available Now

AT&T has finally opened its online store to the iPad 3G+Wi-Fi model. The units are available at the same price as is available on the Apple Store. That means, you will need to pay $629 for the 16GB variant, $729 and $829 for the 32GB and 64GB variants respectively.

It is worth mentioning that AT&T has not offered a very positive retail presence to the iPad until now. The carrier began the sale of iPads on their stores only as recently as October of this year. With the latest announcement, the iPad 3G model on AT&T will finally get the presence that it deserves from an exclusive carrier. Having said that, we still do not have enough details about the shipment lead time. So be ready to get your Christmas gift late if AT&T shall take more than a day to deliver your order.

Wide-Range Speakers On iPad 2 [Rumor]

According to new rumors, the second generation iPad could be coming with a number of changes in the configuration and layout. A Japanese Mac blog has cited an anonymous Chinese source in its claims that iPad 2 could measure 3mm smaller than the current iPad thanks to a smaller bezel. In addition to this, this upcoming device shall also purportedly sport a “flat like an iPod Touch” rear and a realigned ambient light sensor.

But most interestingly, this new device is reported to come with a wide-range speaker. You may remember that this feature was a debating point when we had written about a slot available with leaked iPad 2 case designs. The source has claimed this feature to be a “large wide-ranged speaker unit covered with metal mesh“.

Of course all of this is just a rumor and so come with the usual disclaimers. Nevertheless, it thickens the plot on the possible new features and we look forward to hearing more about this officially.

Notion Ink Adam Extended Warranty In The Works

The warranty details of Notion Ink Adam had created a controversy post which the company has published a detailed Warranty agreement that you can find here. In addition to this, the company CEO Rohan Shravan has also noted that an extended warranty is in the works. In a chat with, Shravan has said,

“Yes we do have plans for this. Right now I have asked everyone at Notion Ink to re-work everything related to customer support because my next goal is to make Notion Ink best in customer relations. Once the internal quality benchmarks are done on the plans, we will release them.”

On a sidenote, Shravan has also indicated that while rooting Adam might be a tad tough, it is not impossible. But as expected, such a process could undeniably revoke the warranty on the device. Notion Ink is learned to be in talks with their partners to see how this can be resolved.