Paypal Car Integration Coming In Future

Paypal could integrate its technology to your car so that you may be able to automatically trigger payments while passing through a toll bridge, park your car or while visiting a fuel station. This was revealed in a recent conversation by Paypal President Scott Thompson. He said,

“Companies are building automation into cars, so that when you pull into a parking spot and you park for 62 minutes, you pay for that 62 minutes. Why can’t the car authenticate you when you’re dispensing fuel? Why can’t it authenticate you when you go through a toll booth?”

Thompson conceded that the only requirement here would be to provide a secure payment and authentication system which Paypal is striving to provide. You can watch the complete conversation about Paypal’s future payments strategy in the video embedded below

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Paypal To Enable Expense Sharing Over Network

A patent application filed by eBay back in Novemeber 2008 and revealed just recently throws light on a new feature that will enable a group of users to share an expense while making a purchase. Conventionally, a single user has to make the payment for goods online and online tools only help the user in determining the share of each member in a group.

However, with the new technology, a payment may be divided among a group of users and the share pulled from each of the group members to make the group payment.

The patent application reads,

” a method for facilitating sharing of expenses over a network includes communicating with at least one member of a user group via at least one client device over the network and a merchant via a merchant device over the network. The method includes receiving a group transaction request, dividing a payment for the group transaction request into a plurality of portions according to a number of members in the user group, separately debiting the portions of the payment from one or more accounts related to each member of the user group, and providing payment to the merchant via the merchant device based on information passed with the group transaction request. “

Paypal Group transaction

It is not entirely clear if this is a feature being envisioned for eBay or Paypal since such a feature will be relevant on both the services.

[via USPTO]

eBay Wins Crucial Patent For Its Online Auction Model

eBay has won a crucial patent that grants the company the rights to the entire online auctioning model that exists today. The announcement from USPTO comes over 11 years since the company first applied for a patent to this technology.

The patent titled, “Computer-implement method and system for conducting auctions on the internet” describes its innovation thus:

“Methods and apparatus for a system for facilitating electronic commerce transactions with a first data storage location for holding information about an item for auction from a first participant in a data packet network, a verification process that verifies the user identification of the first participant in said data packet network, the verification process confirming a user identification before allowing the participant in said data packet network access to place information about an item for auction in the system, a display process for displaying information of the item for auction to a plurality of data packet network users, the display process displaying an advertisement with the item for auction to the plurality of data packet users, an auction process for receiving bids on the item for auction from at least one of said plurality of data packet network users, the auction process also verifying a user identification from said at least one of a plurality of data packet network users before allowing receipt of the bid and a notification process for notifying the plurality of data packet network participants that said bid was accepted by said system.”

eBay auction patent

As you can see, this is very much the core model of online auctioning as it exists today and with eBay now holding the rights to the online auction process, the several clones that have mushroomed over the years may well be at the risk of a lawsuit.

Verizon To Partner With Skype On International Calling Service?

Verizon has released a media statement announcing a joint news conference with Skype on the sidelines of the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona next week. There is not enough details provided on the specifics of the conference though indications are that it could be about a partnership on cheaper international calls.

AT&T and Verizon have locked horns lately each claiming superiority of their network. A partnership with Skype for cheaper international voice traffic could help Verizon score a crucial point over AT&T in convincing customers about the superiority of their network.

We will keep track of the news in this front and let you know of updates as they happen.

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Skype To Make Creating and Sharing Media Presentations Easier

Skype is apparently working on technology to help users create media presentations from the Skype window itself. In a patent recently published by eBay, the company explains the problems in the current form of creating media presentations. The inventors write

“a user must typically purchase conventional media presentation software, which may be expensive, create a media presentation with the conventional media presentation software, which is often time consuming, upload the file for the media presentation, and then post a link to a file for online access to the created media presentation, which may require security features.”

To make creation and distribution of media presentations easy, the inventors are working on an interface that will help them create media presentations from the Skype window itself. They write

“a system for publishing and/or sharing media presentations over a network comprises a service component adapted to interface with a user over the network and one or more distribution channels over the network, a collect module adapted to gather media resources based on user input, a create module adapted to create a media presentation with the media resources based on user input, and a publish module adapted to distribute the media presentation to the one or more distribution channels via the network.”

The inventors say that users may be able to notify the recipients as the documents are published by emailing them or by offering them a distinct URL to view the document or even distribute it by embedding a source code.

How do you think this technology will improve Skype? Please tell us in the comments.