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Magic Wand To Couple Apple Keyboard and Trackpad

How would you like it if your keyboard and trackpad were to be adjoined to each other? The idea sounds great, does it not? Apparently you can use Magic Wand to do the same. Well! It is not something that you would be waving, in fact it is a mini mount that would help attach the trackpad to Apple‘s keyboard. This non-electrical mini mount is being made available by Twelve South which would enable one club the two wireless devices to be used without the need of a separate table for the two. Also, another unique and lovable feature of the Magic Wand is that it’s ambidextrous, meaning that the trackpad can be fitted either to the left or right of the keyboard making it convenient for both left and right arm users.

The mount costs only 30$ along with a free delivery option.

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Dell Streak 7 Tablet Review

Deemed to be the cheapest tablet produced to date by a leading manufacturer (priced only 200$), Dell and T-Mobile have brought this cheap tablet out on a two year service contract. When I say cheap, a customer would only get what he/she pays for. The Dell Streak 7, which costs as much as any Android smartphone and also has the ability to run 4G networks actually compromises on a lot of features and specs.

This Android based tablet which runs on the nVidia’s Tegra 2 processor has a disappointing software, battery life and screen resolution. The screen size of the new Dell tablet is 7 inches which Steve Jobs has condemned when suggested forthe iPad. On the brighter side, the strengths are its light weight, ability to play flash videos and front and rear cameras (the last two features are still missing on Apple’s products).

On the whole, nothing much to get excited about the Dell Streak 7 tablet.

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The Motorola Atrix 4G Price is 150$?

Earlier, Amazon listed the Motorola Atrix 4G on their portal quoting the price as 150 dollars. Although a few days later, the price of the product was pulled out by Amazon. Now, Costco, the largest warehouse club chain in America has also listed the price of this Motorola Smartphone as 150$ yesterday. But, it is yet not clear, based on what information has Costco quoted the price. Has Costco received any confirmation from AT&T and Motorola about the price or is it banking on the Amazon’s price? Well! Your guess is as good as ours.

Well, if the price is 150$ as seen, then this is going to be a wonderful news to all Android enthusiasts. But, why would AT&T want to sell it for such a low price? May be, this is a catch up game being played by AT&T to catch up on the Android front, smartphones at affordable, if not cheap prices.

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Buy Dell Streak On Best Buy Now For $99.99

Yet another attractive deal for the holiday season, if you are in the United States. Best Buy has announced that the massive 5″ Dell Streak will now be available on their stores at a discounted price of $99.99.

The Android smartphone, which recently got its FroYo update, has been selling at a price of $199.99 at the American Best Buy stores since October of this year. Specifications on the Streak include a 5″ Gorilla glass display, 1GHz SnapDragon processor, two cameras, integrated A-GPS,etc.

The latest promotion offer from Best Buy will be available on both the white and black colored variants. Do remember however that the $99.99 offer is with a new 2 year contract from AT&T. That’s not entirely surprising but if you would not like to tie yourself up with a two year contract, you may have to let this offer go.

You can also buy the Dell Streak online at the discounted price by clicking here.

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Go Deals – Save $500 On Dell & HP Pavilion Notebooks

There are two deals today that can help you save up to $500 cumulatively

Dell D520 Notebook – Save $400

HP Pavilion DV6-3050US NoteBook – $100 Discount