Tips To Using Solar Power While Traveling or Hiking

Carrying power banks could prove to be a bit heavy when you are hiking or traveling. That’s when the idea of harnessing solar power comes to the rescue. Making use of solar power is not only economical but eco-friendly too.


If you too are thinking of making the best use out of solar power while traveling or hiking, we got you covered!

The best gadgets to harness solar power while traveling

 The Tag Along Solar Battery with USB port enables you to charge your phone or any device. It operates on an inbuilt Li-Polymer battery like the batteries available in mobile phones. It constantly stocks sunlight to the inbuilt battery when placed in sunlight.

The 3.5Watts foldable detachable solar panel and 2000mAH battery gear from main backpack has an innovative design. Your phone will simply not run out of power day or night.


Caption : 3.5Watts foldable detachable solar panel

The 22% high effective transfer solar cells in a secure anti scratch hardened covering and sewn into high-wear PVC fabric for weather-resistant exterior durability.

Another notable gadget is the solar/dynamo waterproof LED flashlight equipped for all terrains and situations. It is water-proof, flood-proof, floats on water and constructed of sturdy casing to avoid shock from loose wires.


Caption : Dynamo waterproof LED flashlight

The flashlight can also be recharged with solar power or by hand crank, so as to never leave you in the dark.

The Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel has a nice, compact size which snugly fits in a backpack and offers a reasonable charge time for most tiny gadgets. It contains a dedicated USB port and 12v port with adaptor cable.


Caption : Goal Zero Nomad 7 Solar Panel

With the panel, you can charge any USB powered gadget such as iPod or GPS or with the Goal Zero Guide 10 kit, 4 AA batteries can be charged for headlamps.

How a solar powered phone charger can help you?

Solar powered phone chargers provide users the freedom and adaptability to use their smartphones and portable mobile devices everywhere without incurring any danger of draining of battery juice. For heavy smartphone and gadget user power management is a major hurdle influencing your ability to operate your smartphone. Smartphone draw hugely on power and need to be frequently recharged to function optimally. Functionality of a smartphone and its power utilization are positively correlated. It requires increased power with additional features. Present day smartphones incorporate cutting-edge technologies to aid them preserve and handle power better.

Apollo 2 is a charger with a smartphone type  battery and a solar panel. If you need slight charge and a small solar recharging power, the Solar-5+ 5000mAh charger made by Creative Edge is very useful for outdoor and is water and dust resistant.


Caption : Apollo 2 charger

Equally reliable and portable is the SunFerno Flintstone that is custom made for hikers and outdoor lovers. The Goal Zero, 2 Port 21 W Anker and the Instapark Mercury 10 can hold your phone, additional battery pack and USB charging cable.

To charge a phone what you require is a lightweight gadget with a USB port. However, for charging many and bigger devices such as laptop it is necessary to choose a versatile device. The Goal Zero Venture 30 battery charges your high energy gadgets in a powerful manner. Both USB ports will emti 2.4 A simultaneously.

Caption : Goal Zero Venture 30

The Powertraveller Solarmonkey Adventurer is 2-panel chargers that is weatherproof and has a “daisy-chain” feature that make it easy to charge your appliances while the internal battery is getting charged through the solar panels.


Caption : Powertraveller Solarmonkey Adventurer

It is able to charge iPad and iPhones. The Brunton Power Essentials Kit which is not light and lesser versatile, but is reliable for low performance grades.

How a solar panel can help you while traveling?

Solar panels create voltage quite smoothly and that also under minimum light conditions. Some of the ratings given may not correspond to the real power output because when the manufacturer’s rate panels they put more importance on flash testing. Testing devices estimate the voltage generated by the cells and after that the watt rating is evaluated by multiplying it by current or the amperage. If there is over estimation of the amperage, than the general rating will be misleading. The panel may generate huge voltage to make your phone charge, but it may have have ample current for it because of the tiny size if the unit and the panel’s efficiency. Thus, it is very convenient for manufacturers to make people believe based on their testing process that 8 watts are being produced by the solar panel when actually it does not produce that much.

 The Instapark Mercury 10M18U containing battery is a portable solar panel with 2 USB ports and is a wonderful option for charging your mobile or small electronic gadgets.


Caption : Mercury 10M18U

When it is integrated with an external battery you get a smartphone and tablet charging storehouse.

Various latest solar panels contain a USB connector, while others come packed with adapters, alligator clips, charging lights, extension wires or carabiners. It is not easy to say what accessories are paired with a panel or which have to be bought exclusively or the exact connection for a panel. This becomes a hassle while attempting to charge older cameras specially the ones that cannot be charged through USB. So, always make certain that you know the accessories required and the exact ones that accompany your panel.

Many people like to use the mono and multicrystalline technique compared to the thin-film design as they are more efficient and provides rigid surface treatment to the cells and do not delaminate with the passage of time. The polycrystalline panels are not so pure and are less efficient. The monocrystalline panel is becoming the industry grade due to its superior quality and it saves weight and quickly charges at camp.

Always figure out the panel size and type of system you need for charging your phone. Find out the number of appliances for charging and then compute the required wattage for charging them. If it’s half cloudy or the panels are extremely dusty in that case you may actually require double the wattage. You should also consider the days you have to rely on the charger and the “days of autonomy” in off-grid mechanism where you have to continue for days with no sun input.

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Streak 10 To Use Honeycomb

The tablet from Dell, Streak which was first previewed at the Consumer Electronic Show in January is going to use Google’s Android 3.0 or Honeycomb. The use of Android 3.0 was confirmed this week at the quarterly fiscal meeting this week and Dell has also confirmed that the 10 inch tablet would be called Dell Streak 10. Although, Dell did not reveal the availability date of the tablet, except that the Streak 10 is due some time this year. While rumors are abuzz that Streak 10 is due in April.

Another interesting fact is that the Streak 10 would also have a Windows 7 edition and the users would get to choose between the Android and Windows 7 versions. The Windows 7 version of the Streak 10 are also due this year, but no exact date is not yet known.

Well! 2011 is flooded with all sorts of tablets. Users could be spoilt for choice.

AT&T Android Phones List To Be Doubled in 2011?

According to an internal document from this year’s International CES (Consumers Electronic Show), AT&T will be launching 12 more Androids along with 20 new 4G devices. If the details of this internal document prove to be right, the first quarter of 2011 is going to witness the launch of 2 new 4G smart phones, which by the end of the year will be pushed to 20. As far as the Android phones are concerned, in 2011, AT&T is looking forward to add 12 more of these to the already existing list of 7.

Also, rumored are the availability of Motorola Atrix 4G and the HTC Inspire 4G in the markets from February 14, for which purpose, the employee training is to begin from February 2. The internal documents also indicate that Verizon is also fully prepared to offer simultaneous voice and data, but it has to be seen, to what extent will they be successful.

AT&T customers are sure in for an Android treat this year.

Dell Streak Price And Launch In India Announced

India is still not a market that is mature enough to take in a regular sized tablet computer, let alone an awkwardly sized Dell Streak. That however does not seem to have deterred the manufacturers as Dell India has announced the imminent launch of the much touted Dell Streak in the country. According to Mahesh […]

India is still not a market that is mature enough to take in a regular sized tablet computer, let alone an awkwardly sized Dell Streak. That however does not seem to have deterred the manufacturers as Dell India has announced the imminent launch of the much touted Dell Streak in the country.

According to Mahesh Bhalla, Executive Director and General Manager – Consumer, Dell India, the 5″ Dell Streak tablet device will launch in India during the Diwali season (early November) and shall be sold unlocked at a price of Rs 34,990.

Smaller Dell Streak In The Works

Mahesh Bhalla also confirmed another interesting bit of information about future product launches. He noted that the company shall be launching a new variant of Dell Streak that will have “a screen smaller than a five-inch“. This is interesting considering that we have already heard about the company working on 7″ and 10″ variants of Dell Streak in the American market. It is not clear when the new product is expected to hit the market.

Gefen Launches TV Volume Regulator To Control Loud Commercials

Are those loud TV commercials bothering you? Gefen Inc. is launching a new TV Volume Stabilizer that they claim will auto-regulate the volume so that you do not have go scurrying for the remote everytime a commercial or TV host goes yelling.

The device needs to be placed close to the TV source and the input source is connected to the back of the GefenTV via analog or optical cables. This is then connected to the TV input source so that the audio has to pass through the Audio stabilizer being broadcast via the speakers. Gefen claims to make use of a Dolby volume technology that will maintain a steady volume for any input source.

The GefenTV Auto Volume Stabilizer is now available for purchase from the Gefen website at a price of $179 a unit.

Vulkano Media Player Price And Review Of Features

Monsoon Multimedia has launched a new range of Vulkano multimedia players that the company claims is the “World’s first All-In-One Video Product“. With Vulkano, you can schedule, record and watch TV shows from your mobile phone or iPad just like you do with a TiVo while watching videos from the web, cameras, PCs or smartphones by simply connecting them to your TV.

Monsoon Multimedia says that the new range of Vulkano products can help you to do away with the clutter of home entertainment devices like Roku, TiVo, SlingBox and the like from your living room and instead replace them with this one sleek device.

Vulkano comes in three models – Vulkano Pro, Vulkano Deluxe and Vulkano Deluxe Pro and is priced between $259 and $379. There are additional features like local storage space of up to 1TB  that is available on the higher end models.

Vulkano Media Player

Does this look exciting to you?

Wirelessly Stream Online Videos On Viera HDTV With Netgear Adapter

Owners of Panasonic Viera HDTVs can now stream online videos from YouTube, Amazon Video-On-Demand and access websites like Picasa and other applications wirelessly over their televisions thanks to a new partnership signed between Panasonic and Netgear. The new partnership will offer these television users the ability to access the internet via the Netgear N600 Wireless Dual Band USB Adapter.

Panasonic has noted that the Netgear N600 adapter is the only third party accessory to support online video streaming on Viera HDTVs. Netgear N600 makes use of a special Push ‘N’ Connect technology that makes it extremely simple to set up an internet connection.

According to the announcement, users will be able to get hold of a new Netgear N600 USB adapter at a price of $79.99. If you still do not own a Panasonic Viera HDTV, you may check out these low cost by clicking here.

Syabas PopBox On Sale – Price And Features Review

Remember PopBox – the HD media player from Syabas that was expected to hit the virtual shelves of Amazon on July 23? So the word is out that the device is now already on sale. Several users who had pre-ordered a device have been notified that their PopBox has now been shipped.

So, in case you are a late bloomer and still wondering what this one brings, here is a recap – PopBox builds upon the media player from Popcorn Hour into a more consumer friendly format that integrates support for Picasa, Youtube, Twitter, Shoutcast, Revision3 and Clicker. Netflix is still conspicuously absent though we’ve heard that this is only for the time being.

What more? PopBox includes compatibility for RealID 3D content, HDMI video component outputs, 100Mbps bitrate and 1080p video. Now, all of this costs $129. Think it’s worth it? Check out the Amazon store right away.

Google TV Will Be A Set-Top Box And A NetTop

A lot has been discussed about the upcoming Google TV. Several companies including Logitech, Intel, Sony and Google are learned to be working on this new set-top box that will take Google to the television and media entertainment space.

However, it appears that Google TV is not going to work merely as a set top box for your television sets. A recent picture of the device’s interiors offers greater insights into what purposes the device will serve. And the speculation right now is that this is not just a set-top box, but also a nettop.
Google TV For Computer Nettop
As you can see from the picture above, the Google TV platform looks pretty similar to any normal Intel Atom powered nettop that supports multimedia capabilities. It has a 1.2GHz Intel Atom processor, hardware accleration for HD video, 3D graphics, heat sink, Wi-Fi module, USB ports, ethernet jack and other connections.

So in all probability, you can not only connect your Google TV to your television as a set top box, but can also connect it to your computer to serve as a media-center platform.

CinemaGo Mini CG HD Media Player Price And Features

You can call the media player industry fairly saturated. With players like Roku and Boxee Box in the fray, it is not an easy choice for smaller players like Brite-View. However, their latest launch does bring some hope.

The new CinemaGo BV-5005HD Mini CG brings with it a USB 2.0 port, BitTorrent manager, eSATA port and support to a huge array of video file formats including MOV, WMV, MKV, AVI, VOB, DIVX, FLV and RMVB. Besides these, users may also access internet radio channels like MUZEE and make use of the integrated Wi-Fi functionality.

There is a major gripe though. Brite-View’s CinemaGo Mini CG Media player does not come with local storage support. That could be one of the prominent disappointments especially on a device that is priced at a not-so-cheap $149.99

Nevertheless, if you are ready to connect your media player to your computer via the USB port or wirelessly and stream these movies, then that should not be a problem.

Are you going for it?