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Intel Black Box For Cars To Assist Police And Insurance Cos. During Accidents

Thanks to the acceleration malfunction reported on Toyota, the US Congress has succeeded in pushing forward for a legislation that will make it mandatory for car manufacturers to equip their cars with a data event recorder – more commonly known as black box.

According to a report on the New York Times, Intel is working on an event recorder that will take note of basic telemetry like whether the seat belts were on, location using GPS, speed, etc. Also, Intel has expressed intent to incorporate video recording into the black box so that the last 30 seconds would be recorded. Intel says that this could come handy during accidents not just for police investigations, but also for insurance companies to make better judgement on the compensation.

The Intel black box for cars is likely to be more sophisticated than those used today on aircrafts. However, the company says that the company is focusing on reducing costs in order to retain the affordability of cars.