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Can You Share Your iPhone Data Plan With iPad?

Yes you can. But only if you live in Canada.┬áMuch to the envy of Apple customers around the world, Canadian carrier Rogers has announced a new data sharing option that will allow iPhone 4 customers to share their data plan with their iPad. Accordingly, if you are on the 6GB data plan, you can now share your plan between your iPhone 4 and iPad by paying an additional monthly fee of $20. However, a big caveat here – This data sharing option is presently on a limited period trial and will end on September 30. The $20 fee will exclude the government’s regulatory recovery fee.

If this sounds awesome, check out the other deal from Bell Canada. The Rogers rival carrier has announced a largely similar offer, except that the iPad data sharing option is available at only $10 a month.

Technically, this is not too different from what AT&T offers with its tethering functionality. American iUsers may note that Ma Bell offers tethering at an additional cost of $20 per month to their Data Pro subscirbers. However, this tethering functionality is not compatible with the iPad.

Nevertheless, this is a good start and hope more carriers start offering such data sharing services (at little to no monthly fee of course)