New Apple iPhone Headphones Contract Awarded To Taiwan OEMs

The headphones that came with your iPhone box were made in Japan by a company named FOSTER. Those that come with the next generation iPhone may however come manufactured in Taiwan. Apple is learned to have ended its contract with FOSTER and has instead offered fresh contracts to two Taiwanese companies for the manufacture of these accessories. The total value of the contract is expected to be valued at over $300 million.

Cheng Uei, one of the companies who have been awarded the contract, will be manufacturing cords, speakers and control switches whereas Hon Hai, the other company will be inserting the wires and be assembling the ear buds. Apple has already engaged in business with both these companies. While Hon Hai aka Foxconn has bagged several high profile Apple contracts in the past, Cheng Uei is a company that Apple works with in the manufacture of chargers for the iPad.

Both companies are learned to be expanding their facilities to increase output.

NoiseHush N650 Solar Hands-Free Bluetooth Car Kit Available Online

NoiseHush, manufacturers of electronics accessories have now made their N650 solar hands free Bluetooth car kit available for purchase online. The accessory is a very eco-friendly device that can help you out in answering calls while you are driving or merely traveling in a car.

The car kit comes with a number of interesting features that makes it mention-worthy. Firstly, the kit is equipped with DSP echo cancellation and noise suppression systems that the manufacturers claim will offer “full duplex sound quality“. Features in the device include the ability to answer, end, reject or redial calls, volume control, switching between calls, a microphone mute option, caller ID memory and phone book. The device also has a prominent LCD screen that will show you the dialer number.

NoiseHush solar hands free bluetooth car kit

In addition to solar charging, the device can also be alternatively charged via USB ports – something that could be pretty useful through the winter. NoiseHush N650 offers 10 hours of talk time and is powered by a 100 mAh Li-polymer battery. The device is presently being offered at a 25% discount on WirelessGround that you can avail here.

Check out a video of the N650 hands free car kit embedded below and let us know how you find it in the comments.

Super Juice iPhone 4 Power Case Gives 6 Hours Backup

Dexim, a manufacturer of mobile phone accessories has announced Super Juice, a power casing for iPhone 4 that will not only serve as a protective covering for the iPhone 4, but will also come with additional power backup that can increase the battery life for voice calls on the phone by six hours.

All this might sound pretty familiar if you have already read about or used the Mophie Juice Pack Air power case. But where the new Super Juice power case wins is with the availability of a kickstand. This will give the iPhone a convenient stand to rest upon when you are looking to have a little movie session over your iPhone or are looking to talk over FaceTime with your friend.

Dexim Super Juice iPhone 4

The Dexim Super Juice power case offers 2000mAh capacity and is compatible with both the 16GB and 32GB variants of iPhone 4. There is no word as yet on the price or launch date.

New Bluetooth Headset For PlayStation 3 – Price & Feature Details Revealed

Sony is coming up with a new look Bluetooth headset for their PS3 console that will give users the ability to conspire gaming strategies with fellow gamers while on their console. The new official Bluetooth headset is an improved version of the earlier headset though it does not come with any drastically new features. Primarily, the headset will still include the same features like dual microphones, USB based automatic pairing with PS3, cradle charger and a mute button. Also, this headset will feature a 30% reduced size and a much sleeker look along with noise-cancelling functionality. You can also engage in three-way calling over mobile phones.

The new official bluetooth headset for Sony PlayStation 3 is compatible on PS 3 firmware of 3.50 and above and will be available on the stores in the coming weeks at a price of $49.99.

Sprint ZTE Peel iPod Touch Case With Mobile Hotspot Access Launching

Sprint has had a lot of success in recent times in their mobile hotspot business. The company has sold a lot of Overdrive units to iPhone and iPad owners who are looking for 3G and 4G data access while on the move. Now, a similar offering may be coming to iPod Touch albeit in a different form.

Folks at BGR have claimed that Sprint may be launching their new ZTE Peel iPod Touch case as early as next week. The iPod Touch casing that will also double up as a mobile  hotspot rendering unit will go on sale starting November 14 at Sprint stores in the United States. While the price of this casing itself is not known as yet, we have heard that the carrier could offer the network access at a price of $29.99 per month for up to 1 GB of data. That’s without a contract.

If the success of the Overdrive is anything to go by, Sprint could turn out to be successful here as well. Let’s see.

Apple Approved Credit Card Swiper For iPhone Launches

App Ninjas, the app developer who is responsible for the development and distribution of the iPhone app named Swipe has now launched a new Apple-approved hardware case that can be used by merchants for carrying out credit card transactions on the move. Called Swiper, this hardware case comes with a slot that contains the magnetic card reader and is a casing that the iPhone can slip into. The hardware casing interacts with the Swipe application on the iPhone to carry out a transaction.

According to the developers, the casing is a better solution than the stand-alone Swipe application since swiping credit cards over the Swiper carries a lower fee to the merchant than using the Swipe application to punch in the numbers directly.

Credit card swiper for iPhone

However, the Swiper does not come cheap. The casing is available for purchase from the App Ninjas website at a price of $79.

Official HDMI Docking Station For HTC EVO 4G Launched

It is now quite a while since the HTC EVO made its first appearance. Now Sprint has finally launched the official HDMI docking station for the Android handset. Starting now, you may pick one of these devices from the Sprint stores in the US at a price of $39.99. The docking station is made with glossy black plastic and has a soft rubber grip at the bottom. You may make use of the docking port to connect your EVO to Type D HDMI ports or to a micro USB.

While the docking port is incredibly good looking and useful, do note that if you have a casing to protect your HTC EVO, you may be in for a little bit of inconvenience. Early reviews point out that even the thinnest of silicone cases make it difficult to dock and sometimes result in a loose connection. Nevertheless, if you do plan on getting one, don’t forget to tell us what you think of the device in the comments below.

HTC EVO HDMI Docking Station

[GoodandEvo via UG]

Official List Of Samsung Galaxy Tab Accessories Announced (With Prices)

Those of you looking forward to buy a Samsung Galaxy Tab can also choose to buy one of the several new accessories that come with the Android tablet. Samsung has officially unveiled a dozen accessories that can complement the Galaxy Tab at home, work or on travel. Like the tablet itself, the accessories too are priced pretty steeply. But then, that was expected, right?

Here is a list of accessories, and their prices for the UK market where the Galaxy Tab is set to release in ten days from now.

  • Keyboard dock with charger and audio jack for £69.99
  • Multimedia Desk Dock with HDMI jack and 3.5mm speaker jack for £39.99
  • Notebook/Stand case made of leather which can be used to prop up the Tab for £29.99
  • Leather Slip case for £24.99
  • D30 Silicon/Gel case for £19.99
  • Portable Speakers for £19.99
  • Headphones in black or white for £19.99
  • Samsung High Speed Class 4 2GB to 8GB MicroSDHC memory cards for £8.99 to £23.99
  • Travel Adapter for the UK for £34.99
  • USB Data cable for £14.99
  • TV-out cable for £14.99
  • In-car charger for £24.99

Is there anything in the list that you are so eager to get?

Rotating iPad Speaker Docks From SMK Reviewed

The iPad is a great way to watch movies and television shows. But the absence of powerful speakers on the iPad has meant that you may miss out on the TV-experience while watching these videos on the iPad. There are a good number of iPad speaker docks available in the market. But the recently unveiled SMK PadDock is one that shows a lot of promise.

The SMK PadDock iPad speaker dock comes with all the usual aesthetics that Apple products are known for and mimics the look and feel of an iMac. The dock comes with a cradle grip that can rotate 360 degrees to accomodate all possible orientations of the screen – All this while keeping the iPad speakers in place. Additionally, the PadDock also includes a USB support and supports computer syncing.

iPad Speaker Dock

The PadDock is definitely an impressive piece of hardware and will be available at a price of $100 when it goes on sale on November 1. If you want to be one of the firsts to get hold of this speaker dock, you can pre-order one right away.

Turn iPod Touch Into iPhone With New Apple Peel Accessory

A team of two Chinese brothers have reportedly developed a new accessory that will let you turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone – for just $78. The accessory, named Apple Peel 520, is an iPod Touch case that comes installed with a circuit board and battery that can be secured around the iPod Touch […]

A team of two Chinese brothers have reportedly developed a new accessory that will let you turn your iPod Touch into an iPhone – for just $78. The accessory, named Apple Peel 520, is an iPod Touch case that comes installed with a circuit board and battery that can be secured around the iPod Touch like any other casing. Users will also require to install a software on the iPhone that will make it possible for users to start using their iPod Touch as an iPhone.

Since the procedure also requires you to install a software, it goes without saying that you will need to jailbreak your iPod Touch. Losing warranty doesn’t look like a big deal if you are to factor in the money that you would end up saving. The iPod Touch starts selling from $229 and with the case, the total price to start using your Touch as a phone is just close to $310 – that’s a deal compared to $1060 that you may end up paying for the iPhone through your two year contract.

Quite understandably, Apple is not pleased about the latest accessory and have warned users about the potential harm they could invite in the form of warranties getting voided and devices getting bricked. According to Jonathan Hudis from the American Bar association, the product may not last long – at least in the US. He says,

“The brothers who invented this Apple Peel probably ran down a list of how many ways could they annoy Steve Jobs. I could not see Apple standing by to let this continue, especially if it results in product shipping into the United States.”

Nevertheless, the product is shipping as on date and is available on the popular Chinese eCommerce website, Taobao.