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Play PS2 Games On PS3 With New Backward Compatibility Plug

Do you hate it when you are not able to play some games from your PlayStation 2 on the new PS 3? Sony is learned to be working on a new device that could be plugged into your PS that will let the device emulate the older machine and thus let you play games from your older consoles on the new PlayStation.

In the new patent filed with the Japanese patent office, the company describes a “removable adapter” that can be plugged into a “next generation device” that will help it to emulate the games from the older generation model. It is not clear if PlayStation 3 is already loaded with sufficient infrastructure to effect the emulation though. It is more likely for a future PlayStation model to bring with it the technology needed to support this emulation with the current PS 3. Nevertheless, we will hope the backward compatibility will extend to the older Sony PlayStation 2 models as well.

Playstation backward compatibility

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