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Can HP Do An Apple With Its TouchPad?

HP’s new tablet – TouchPad which runs on WebOS 3.0 was unveiled at the Mobile World Congress at Barcelona this week and the tablet actually looks very impressive when compared to most of its contemporaries. The TouchPad which is going to be made available this summer has to face a tough competition from both Android based tablets and the iPad 2. Though a bold move to introduce a new OS amidst the iOS and Android (taking into account that Nokia has also joined hands with Microsoft abandoning its own Symbian), this strategy might work for HP in the long run if not the near future. Analysts who got a look at the TouchPad are actually amazed at the user interface (UI) and the framework that the tablet possesses.

If all should go well for HP with regards to its WebOS, it should be able to replicate what Apple had done in the markets. Way to go, though.

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