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Can eBay Withstand the Competition?

Will eBay be able to withstand the competition or will it perish? Well, eBay’s John Donahoe feels that eBay’s big time is yet to come. eBay which saw a mammoth growth in its initial years is facing a tough fight from other e-commerce dealers giants like Amazon and Groupon. According to market reports, while eBay has only grown by 8 percent in the last year, with Amazon still maintaining a good lead in the market. ebay is also having to deal with various other small retailing online sites as well.

Although under Donahoe the company has not seen a giant surge, it has also not derailed from its tracks as such. Although Donahoe wants eBay to be on the offensive now to grow, analysts like J.P Morgan doubt if the e-commerce market would grow in the same manner it did last year.

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