Calculate Cab Fare With Bing Maps

Microsoft may not have entirely succeeded in usurping the search engine market share from Google, but they sure have been bringing some really nifty applications to the Bing Maps application. The latest is a Bing app that will let users calculate cab fares between any two locations in a particular city.

The application has been developed by Ricky Brundritt as his submission for the King of Bing Maps competition. The app takes note of the starting point, destination, pick-up time besides factors like the shortest route before calculating the cab fare.

The King of Bing Maps competition has seen several innovative uses of Bing Maps being put to use. The final winner of this competition is likely to be announced on August 20 by a panel that includes CNET’s Josh Lowensohn, Search Engine Land’s Greg Sterling and Directions’ Joe Francica.

The Cab Fare calculator is now accessible for users visiting the Bing Maps website.