Red/White Droid Incredible Back Casing Now Available As Official Accessories

Last week, some websites reported about having spotted HTC Droid Incredible handsets with a white back plate. While such photoshopped images are not exactly new, these reports noted that these were in fact launching soon. Now from what is reported on Droid Life, the white back casing on HTC Incredible is in fact available as an official accessory from the manufacturers. The official launch of these accessories is expected to happen only a few months down the line. However, users looking to purchase one immediately can make a custom order from one of the Verizon stores anytime now.

The custom back cases are available in red, besides white. The cost of these cases are noted to be $24.99 and can be ordered by using the following model code numbers

White HTC Back: VZW6300DORW
Red HTC Back: VZW6300DORR

Your Droid Incredible could then look like this

White Droid Incredible

[via Droid Life]