Second Round Of Notion Ink Pre-Orders Imminent

The first batch of Notion Ink Adam units have started reaching the customers and the blogosphere is just starting to get hit with all the unboxing videos. In case you are already desperate to get your hands on an Adam, you should be able to, very soon. Notion Ink is learned to have contacted several fan blogs and forums with pre-order invitations. In a recently published blog post, Notion Ink Fan Greg wrote,

“You may have seen how Notion Ink Hacks and Notion Addicts recently offered an opportunity for their members to receive an invite for the next round of orders… Well, guess what?┬áIf you have already been following Notion Ink Fan, you too can receive an invitation to order an Adam when the next batch is available. “

Similar messages have also been posted on a few other message boards. If these posts are any indication, we should be seeing Notion Ink open up their website for the second round of orders as early as this week. Are you buying one?

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