More Cheap Galaxy Tabs – On US Cellular At $200

Just when you thought a $50 drop in the price of the Galaxy Tab from T-Mobile was wonderful enough comes yet another attractive offer – this time from US Ceullar. The carrier has announced a new offer that will let customers buy a new Galaxy Tab at a price of $199.99 – that’s $200 lower than the retail price.

This offer comes with a catch though. Customers will be required to sign a two year contract and are required to sign up for the pricey 5GB per month plan. That would mean you will be shelling out either $54.99 per month for a PAYG messaging service or $74.99 for the all-you-can message plan. If you are someone who expects to consume a lot of data on your tablet, this deal could be a pretty useful.

You can check out the US Cellular offer by clicking on the website link here.