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Buy 250GB Internal Hard Drive For XBox 360 Online For $130

Those of you who got the Microsoft XBox 360 4GB version may have soon come to realize that the storage space is nothing to write home about. Compare the storage with the new version of XBox 360 that offers a huge 250GB storage space.

If you are one having second thoughts about retaining the 4GB model, and have a hundred odd bucks to spare, head over to the GameStop website and buy a 250GB internal hard drive for your XBox rightaway. This is a genuine part from Microsoft which GameStop, a third party retailer, has procured from the manufacturers. .

The price of the hard drive unit is $129.99 and apparently ships within 24 hours. But a caveat here – the unit is compatible exclusively with XBox 360 S consoles and presently ships only to American addresses.

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