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Built-In Video Chat For Android Coming With Gingerbread

Google is reported to be working on a new built-in chat functionality that will enabled video chatting over the Android platform. This new feature is expected to be incorporated in the upcoming Gingerbread version of Android – likely to be called Android 3.0.

Of course, this is no confirmation but a piece of rumor gathered from sources. According to those who claim to be in the know, Google has built this new chat functionality using the same protocols that power a similar video chatting functionality on GTalk; Google’s desktop chatting client. While it is not clear, it can be then assumed that the new video chatting feature will integrate the experience of Gtalk and the Android chat application so that users may communicate with friends irrespective of whether they are online from a desktop or from an Android phone.

What follows next is pretty logical. Google could bring in the voice calling functionality that was introduced to users of Gmail chat not so long ago to the Android platform. That could be pretty revolutionary for VoIP calling.

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