Build Your Own Android Phone With Synapse Phones

What are your requirements for an Android smartphone? Does it need to have an 8-Megapixel camera or will a 5-MP model do? How about other aspects like storage capacity, front camera, working memory, physical buttons, etc.? If you are quite choosy about the features you need, it is quite likely that you don’t find any of the Android phones in the market filling all your needs.

A Germany based developer of smartphones has now launched a portal that will let users select the features they need and will be able to order one custom phone online. The Synapse Phones portal is quite intuitive and users need to enter all the features that they are looking for and the price of the phone – VAT included – is displayed alongside. The pre-ordering is set to begin soon and the phones are expected to arrive in the mid of Q1 2011. Phones are expected to come with Android 2.2.

Meanwhile, check out the likely price that you will need to pay for your specifications here.

Synapse Phone One

[via Neowin]