Bugs : XBox Live Extras Crashing On HTC Windows Phone 7 Handsets & More

As you know, the Windows Phone 7 handsets from manufactures like HTC and Samsung launched this week in several countries in Europe and Australasia. Now that the customers have started exploring the new device, there appear to be a number of complaints from users who have reported that the XBox Live Extras; a free download on WP7 phones appears to be crashing on launch. The problem is not restricted to any one particular handset but to almost all the HTC handsets – the Trophy, HD7 and 7 Mozart.

This is not the only problem that users have been experiencing with their new WP7 handsets however. There are two other popularly discussed issues. One is with game loading where a number of users have noticed an extraordinarily long load time on their new phones. Also, a select number of users are reporting inaccurate reporting of the GPS location on their handsets. This is on phones other than HTC as well which means the problem could well be software based.

Are you seeing any of these issues?

One thought on “Bugs : XBox Live Extras Crashing On HTC Windows Phone 7 Handsets & More”

  1. I have just managed to get my Mozart 7 operational through Orange, as they had extreme technical difficulties getting my SIM activated after two weeks. Now Phone works as a phone it has already crashed twice! Once on dialling a number, and the second time through charging. I unplugged the charger and the device remained with the green light lit and no response so I had to take the battery out to start again. Coming from an iphone this is a little disapointing as my iphone 3gs only crashed twice in the entire time I had it. That and the lock button only worked temporarily but thats a different issue…

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