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Bug In Downloading Gmail Attachments On Android

A new bug in the Gmail 2.3 version that was released in September this year seems to have cropped up that prevents Android users from downloading attachments to their phone. This is a major issue that seems to be affecting a lot of Android users irrespective of the OS version they are running. To complicate things further, Google has conceded that it has no clue about the cause of this issue and that the company is still investigating the same.

As part of the diagnostic process, Google has now been inviting users to volunteer with the Android team in debugging the issue. You can find the form here. In a statement on the Google support forums, a Google engineer has noted,

“At this point, we’ve determined that in order to further investigate these attachment issues, we’ll need diagnostic information that’s unfortunately somewhat hard to get from your phone.”

Are you facing this issue on your Android phone? Tell us your phone model and problems faced in the comments below.

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