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Browse Web Faster On Blackberry With Prioritized Queues

Improved web browsing experience on Blackberry seems to be one of the key focus areas for Research In Motion of late. Early this year, the company filed a patent application that will speed the internet up using proxy servers.

Now, the company has filed another patent application that will possibly improve the experience even further. In the application titled “MESSAGE SEND QUEUE REORDERING BASED ON PRIORITY”, the engineers have described a technology whereby the various HTTP requests shall be reordered based on priority so that the most important information is made available to the user in as little time as possible.

It is not uncommon for users to wait long periods for a page to load simply because a Javascript or CSS file was taking an inordinately long time. The new system will reorder the priority so that the main content of the website – which is often of the order of a few kilobytes of data – can be displayed first on priority. The application explains how the process will work

“Therefore, there is a need for a method and system whereby a first device (e.g. a wireless handheld device or mobile station) may send a request to a second device (e.g. a wireless gateway server or other server) for response data having a higher priority than response data for an earlier request which is still transferring to the first device from the second device.

In accordance with an embodiment of the invention, an HTTP header for a send request is adapted to include a priority indication of the request’s relative priority (e.g.: x-rim-priority-request “priority number”). The priority indication instructs a gateway to order the response data for the request so that the response data for the request arrives at the requesting device ahead of lower priority response data that may be in the gateway’s send queue.”

Blackberry patent application for faster internet browsing

You can read the patent application in its entirety here.

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