Boot Custom ROMs On Motorola Droid 2 With New Bootstrap Recovery

Though Android is an open source platform, the features on offer still does not satisfy the nerds and consequently these users attempt to root their devices to gain full administrator privileges to their Android handsets. Rooting your phone is however just one part of the story since booting custom ROMs and installing custom kernels is what will help you exploit your device to the fullest.

Now, a new bootstrap recovery software has been released that will enable users who have rooted their Droid 2 to install custom ROMs to their handsets. Hacker Koushik Datta has released this new Droid 2 bootstrap recovery software that will allow easy access to Clockwork recovery and also install flash ROMs when they become available.

The software is not exactly new and uses the same application used for bootstrap recovery of Motorola Droid X. You can download the application here or also check it out on the Android store where it is available at $2 if in case you want to support the developer. Check out the complete instructions here. If you are yet to root your Droid 2, check out the instructions to root here.

I’m no techie and so credits to Droid Life for this piece.