Hands-Free Bluetooth Headset For Blackberry Torch 9800 From Motorola

Considering that a good chunk of Blackberry owners are businessmen who might be always on the move, the regular low-cost bluetooth headsets might not be helpful to these users for two reasons – Firstly, these headsets cannot endure the wear and tear that you can expect with regular outdoor use and secondly, the noise-cancellation on these devices is pretty poor making them unusable outdoors.

Motorola has announced that their new H790 bluetooth headset is now compatible with the recently launched Blackberry Torch 9800 smartphone. The device makes use of a CrystalTalk technology that not only cancels noise but also suppresses wind that can hinder conversation while you are traveling at high speeds.

Motorola Bluetooth headset

Additional feaures on the Motorola H790 headset include “voice prompts“. This feature will audibly tell the user how to pair up the device and also make other notifications like when mute is activated or to let the user know which phone is ringing (supposing you have paired up more than one phone – which is possible with the device).

The Motorola headset retails at a price of $89.99 though it is available online at a much cheaper price of $49.99. You can check out for further discounts and purchasing instructions on the product page here.