Blackberry VLC Remote Control App Turns Blackberry Into Remote Control

Are you the kind who connects your computer to a telly while watching a movie? Then if you are a Blackberry user, this app is definitely worth checking out. The Blackberry VLC Remote Control app lets users to turn their Blackberry phones into a remote control to access VLC media files on the computer. VLC, as you know, is an open standard media application that virtually runs all media formats and is thus one of the most popular softwares to play videos.

The VLC Remote Control app is capable of performing a number of functions including browsing the hard drive for media files, play, navigate using play/next/RW-FW controls,etc. All of this is achieved over the wireless network and so the entire process is quite efficient.

The Blackberry VLC Remote Control app is now available for purchase at a price of $0.99 at the App Word. You can check the app by clicking here.