A Blackberry App To Check Traffic Conditions

Research in Motion has released a new Blackberry App that is now available in the Blackberry App World that will allow users to check on local traffic conditions, locate road closures, determine an estimate time of arrival as well as share these details to colleagues in case of unexpected traffic rush.

In the application description, RIM explains the app as follows,

“Thanks to BlackBerry Traffic, you can easily plan to be where you need to be—on time.1 Get your estimated time of arrival (ETA), find out if a road is closed, or decide to take an alternate route, all ahead of time. Heading to a friend’s place? Simply grab their address from your BlackBerry contact list, get your ETA, then email or text it along with a preset message to avoid keeping them waiting and wondering when you’re going to arrive. Making – and keeping – plans just got a whole lot easier.”

The app is presently in its beta version and so do not expect it to be flawless. Nevertheless, if you are game, just go ahead and download the app to your handset.