Blackberry Torch Users Noticing Random Freezing And Lags

The Blackberry Torch comes with a 624MHz processor and quite evidently, this is not in the same league as the 1GB and above processor speeds that you find on many other modern day smartphones from HTC and Samsung. However, users are noticing performance levels on the Blackberry Torch is much worse than what you can expect. Several users on the Blackberry Support forums are noticing lags, random hanging and freezing on their handset.

One user writes,

“I’m also experiencing this. I have made sure to close every application that could be closed on the phone, and I have seen that opening things like the options, or trying to hit the end button the exit messages is very slow. Also just trying to open an application like test messages takes forever sometimes. Not all the time, but it’s very sporadic. My BB Bold 9700 was super fast all the time. I’m a little frustrated with this lag all the time. I even did a battery pull to try and fix it, but that didn’t do anything.”

No words of acknowledgement from Blackberry so far, but the issue does not seem to be occuring on all the Torch handsets either. So, we are assuming this to be an isolated glitch, for now.

Are you facing this issue?

17 thoughts on “Blackberry Torch Users Noticing Random Freezing And Lags”

  1. Yes big time. Freeze, lag, freeze repeat. Ugh!!!!!!

    This blackberry has the potential to be the best one yet. Its not an iphone of course, but for work, its what the doctor (could have) ordered.

    This is my second one (returned my first for other reasons), but still having the following issues:

    1. Super slow, just irritating and unacceptable
    2. Time zone keeps switching to 8 hours earlier
    3. Convenience key wont let me lock, but will open other applications
    4. Related to #1- i installed app called ‘whats running’ and it show 50-some things running, but gives you little to no choices as far as closing them
    5. 3rd party apps are no where near as good as itunes apps.

    I understand Rim just adopted a new OS, and while I’m sticking with the Torch for now (any early adopter can live with a few bugs in search of the latest and greatest) but they will need to get their act together in the next update.

    Cant see this phone/OS being a successful consumer/business sucess in its current form.

    i’ve had virtually every blackberry since the first one thst only let u call on an ear piece, plus every iphone, the ipad, top pc laptops and a number of iMacs, so while no IT expert, i’m a pretty damn good consumer and these issues arent helping RIM.

    why am i still loyal? Because on Wall Street you need a blackberry, and i got tired of carryimg 2 phones…

    Please fix it RIM!!!!

  2. this appears to be an issue with the device’s ability to index or read data off of the SD card in a reasonable amount of time. removing the SD card makes the intermittent freeze ups go away. I have a few mp4 videos and lots of pictures on the card. I haven’t done it yet, but removing them will probably accomplish the same thing

  3. I experienced the freezes (totally infuriating) and then turned the phone in and got a new one and they are gone. HOWEVER, I also had our tech department wipe my profile in the bez server AND turned off the automatic “More All” function for email. Been using it two weeks now and no problem whatsoever. Totally different experience.

  4. I bought my Torch a few weeks ago (Sept. 2010) and mine keeps freezing. I’m ready to hand it back in. It has potential but as a mom I can’t afford to have phone issues. They need to work out the glitches.

  5. Freezes at random. Delayed unlock. Delayed typing and sending emails…want to SMASH the phone so irritating ! Want FIXED. What ever makes phone go nuts kills my battery in 7 hours without even using the device !

  6. This blackberry has the potential to be the best one so far when it works properly.

    I use my blackberry for my business & personal use combined. I have had a blackberry since the first “old blue” and have never had a lag or freezing problem like I do with this Torch!

    This is my third one! I’ve returned the previous two for similar (Wi-Fi went crazy) & same issues!
    Yes super frustrated ! Big time Freeze, lag, freeze, repeat. Over & Over!! Ugh!!!!!!

    The most frequent freeze/lag that I’ve noticed is when I receive any type of message (text, bbm, e-mail, etc) it takes several seconds to either open the message or exit it. VERY FRUSTRATING!! I have seriously thought about going back to my reliable Bold. This phone freezes on me a lot & everyday.

    Another thing I’ve noticed is the questions I am asked when I tell anyone from AT&T/Tech support of this problem.
    1. Do you have a lot of pictures or video?
    2. Do you have a lot of memos?
    3. Do you have a lot of contacts?

    My answer to all 3 is yes but why does that matter now when it never has before? Especially now with the supposed best blackberry ever? I have never had this problem with any blackberries prior to this one!

    Why should it matter how many GB worth of anything that I have on my SD card? The Torch is capable of 32GB. I have an 8GB card but only using 1.8 GB of that but they keep telling me it’s because I have a lot of pictures, videos and/or too many contacts? Serious? Come on. Send the update fast before I throw this phone!

    Please send an update faster than ASAP!!

  7. I have experienced the same issues with the wait cursor coming up every few seconds.
    I took out the 4GB memory card that ships with the torch and the problem went away.
    I put it back and the problem was back.
    I then swapped the 8GB card that came with my storm into the torch.
    No problems at all.
    I then stuck the 4GB card in the storm which seemed to slow it down.
    I formatted the 4GB card and then copied music to it.
    The slowing dissapeared and then there were no problems on the storm.
    When I swapped the 4GB card back into the torch the problem did not reoccur.
    The torch is now lightning fast with the 4GB card and now does not randomly freeze.
    Thanks to Benjamin for pointing me in the right direction.

  8. Hey everyone. I experienced this for about a week and i hadn’t a clue what to do. I found that it told me to ‘reset’ it due to an error. Just hold down on alt and the caps button on the right which shows ‘aA^’ and delete. it just knocks off all the bad data and stuff. It works perfect afterwards. like a brand new phone.

  9. I bought this phone two weeks. So far my lock button doesnt work anymore, text messages take forever to load. Half of my texts don’t even send. I am so fed up with this. Fifth AT&T phone in a row that has had a glitch.

  10. freeze freeze freeze!!! im on my second phone!!! only another 21 months to go of my 24 month contract!! GGGGRRRRRR!!!!!!!

  11. I have the TORCH, 2nd replacement. The first phone froze up and I could also not go on the web browser, so I returned it. Now the 2nd phone (had it 2 days only) has the screen that is black? I have to hold down the screen and press it halfway over the keyboard to see anything. I am definitely returning it today (this is all in a mths time) as I don’t want to get stuck with it for a 2 year contract. Going to get the IPHONE. I wanted to give blackberry the chance, but can’t stand the frustration and lack of having an active phone at all times. Too bad, because I did love the keyboard.

  12. I’m having the exect same problems. My phone has been doing the following:
    Losing photos
    Slow on all types of media, texting, making calls, and others
    This needs to be sorted out asap!

  13. This phone is the clunkiest piece of garbage ive ever owned. screen freezes, its slow, always losing connections, buttons dont always work right, camera gets some kind of interference lines and makes pics look horrible. I could go on all day. Just today i deleted a text message and cant get the notification icon off the screen. The battery pull trick didnt even resolve the problem. Last time i ever own a rim product.

  14. My BB does the same thing. It freezes on everything i do, i have closed all the apps and got rid of most apps and things to make for more storage, however my phone has never passed even 10 % of the available storage. I am ready to chuck it to the phone bone yard . Nobody can make a phone that will last as long as the contracts the phone companies make you sign for. I am dealing with my shit BB till my contract is over i have 2 contracts on the go because of shit phones. Considering signing a 3rd one to get an iphone 5. I look online for help and the only answer is upgrade or change your OS.

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