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Is Your Blackberry Torch Having Notification Bar Update Problems?

Research In Motion’s Blackberry Torch may not have made the kind of ripples that the company may have wanted to in terms of the sale numbers. But when we were just being happy about the fact that users at least did not have to go through the kind of agony iPhone 4 users had to, we are getting to hear about an issue with the notification bar. But yes, this is a pretty minor bug that RIM should be fixing in their next OS upgrade.

There are several related issues. Some users have been noticing that their notification bar has suddenly stopped updating altogether. Others have noticed that the notification bar continues to show email and other notifications as unread even though the user has already gone through them. But the more common problem appears to be with the Facebook calendar event notification. Users have been seeing a deluge of calendar events clogging up their notification bar all of a sudden.

It appears to be a common bug that is behind all these petty issues. If you are facing a similar issue, what you must be doing is shutting off your Facebook and calendar notification feature. Once done, switch off the Torch and remove the battery and hold it out for a minute or so before reinserting it. Turning on the Blackberry Torch should ideally resolve the issues.

But do let me know if it actually works or not.

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15 replies on “Is Your Blackberry Torch Having Notification Bar Update Problems?”

HI… i have a torch 9800 and my notification bar stop working completely, when i have a a-mail or message and try to tap the notification bar the window will slide down but it will say there is no notifications.
I tried to shut off the device and remove the battery for couple of minutes and it solved the problem so far, and i hope it will stay like this…

thanks for the tip…!!!

Hello. I have a torch 9800 as well and my notification bar is clogged up with birthday dates on the calender from facebook. I tried the steps you listed above but couldn’t find where to turn off the calender notification, although I found it for the facebook..I’m sorry if this is a simple/easy question but I seriously been looking for quite some while and couldn’t seem to find it.. And all those calender dates are annoying and slowing down my blackberry.. Please help!!

Doesnt work…tried that before reading this article and i am still seeing birthdays from now till the end of time on the calender

i have torch and i just go through and delete them all and thats works but it did come back a few weeks later but its better than nothing

My notifications preview bar shows that I have unread text messages, sometimes 3 or 4. When I click on them, it comes up a blank text message screen, and the notifications dont go away. They only show up if I pull down the notification bar. I need specific instructions on how to fix this issue because it is SO annoying!!! I shut my phone off, take the battery out and then replace it, but that solution only works for a short amount of time, or until I get more than one text without reading them… then it happens all over again. I do NOT want to have to take the battery out of my brand new phone every few hours, is there ANY other way to fix it?

Try holding down the Shift, alt and del keys until the notification LED turns red. This will reboot the device and get rid of those! They are annoying for sure.

will I lose any of my information when I do that? they delete themselfves if i turn my phone off and take the battery out, but i dont wanna do it every day

I have tried your suggestion, Sara, however, I hold down those 3 buttons and nothing happens. The LED doesnt turn red and the phone does not reboot.

Hol, it’s the right shift key that you hold. Not the left shift key. I had to do this reset too to get rid of them.

Ok, so i want to disconnect all my contacts from my facebook… i dont want their profile pictures to show up in my contact list or their birthdays to show up in my calendar. how do i fix this?

Also, thank you Lewis! I didnt realize it made a difference but it worked!

hello. i tried all of these, but nothing solved my problem. the error in notification bar is so annoying that i want to change from BB to Iphone. this sucks…

I have the torch and there is a res triangle with a white exclamation point with the number 41 by it and it won’t go away and if I click on it and the menu slides down nothingshows up to click on…..

What I did was manually delete all calendar entries. The notification bar now reads “You currently have no new notifications” This is after I turned off BB Calendar app in FB

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