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Does Your Blackberry Torch Drop BIS Connection When Leaving Wi-Fi?

No? Then you must be one very lucky soul. Several hundreds of users on Blackberry forums have been complaining for quite a while now about an issue with loss in connectivity to BIS when they leave a Wi-Fi network. To quote a user who’s facing the issue,

“I’ve been without BIS for over 3 hours now since i’ve left my house this morning.  It happens everyday and is getting worse.  Sometimes I lose it for 5 minutes, but 3 hours is ridiculous!  I’m still connected to 3G.  I can talk on the phone and I can use the browser for internet.  But i can’t get my work emails and my apps don’t work.  I tried resending my service books…nothing.  I turned on and off all my services on the phone…nothing.  I run the connection diagnostics and it says Blackberry Registration: No.  I updated to the latest leak .161 and that didn’t help.  This is so frustrating!!!!”

The issue is with a lot of Blackberry Torch 9800 handsets and so simply exchanging your handset for a new device will not help. Now while AT&T and RIM have apparently acknowledged the issue, there is still no official resolution on offer.

But from what users have noticed, the issue appears to be specific to those users who have upgraded from an older 9700 handset to the new 9800 Torch. The bug is apparently a compatibility issue between Blackberry OS 5 and OS 6.


If you are facing a similar issue, one workaround will be to initiate a master reset. Even if you are doing this, remember that while you restore your content, DO NOT restore any permissions and instead only copy your text and email messages. The idea is basically to set up your Wi-Fi networks anew and not import them from your older device.

It appears to be working for some users. Do try it out and let us know in the comments about your experience.

6 replies on “Does Your Blackberry Torch Drop BIS Connection When Leaving Wi-Fi?”

I did not upgrade to the Torch from another blackberry and I have this problem. So the cause probably isn’t limited to transferring from an older device.

Here we are in October and they haven’t fixed this. I am new to smartphones so it can’t just be people who switch. basically my emails apps and internet started only working when i am on wifi. defeats the purpose of a smartphone!! they told me i have to do a system restore and then NEVER turn Wi-fi on. And this should make everything work. Apparently the known issue is related to switching from Wi-fi to mobile network. Huge pain and i can only pray that this will solve the problem!

I have a new Torch, and I get a WI-FI connection but it won’t switch BIS to Wi-FI, so I can’t browse over wi-fi. Seems kind of useless to me. Very frustrating. Even more frustrating is that it worked … once, and then not again.

I have a new Torch, which is an upgrade for me from an ancient BBerry (pre-Curve, pre-Pearl — maybe 8700??) Anyway, never had problems getting internet connections with old model (though very slow). With Torch am having same Internet access issues as others and periodic dropping of home WiFi network, but also find since bringing Torch home I frequently need to reboot wireless router in order to have WiFi working for my laptop, which now gets kicked off network as well!! This is pretty insane…

My Blackberry Torch 9800 AT&T BIS not working.. Wi-Fi working… My network subscriber said they can’t see my Torch 9800 on list. Can someone help me out

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