Blackberry Torch 9800 Car Charging Dock

Looking for a nice way to mount your Blackberry Torch for a quick view even as you get your device charged on the move? The new iGrip charging dock is pretty, and useful. Made specifically for the new Blackberry Torch, users may mount their phone on to the dock (that needs to be plugged to the vehicle charger for power) and clamp it to begin charging the device. The mount also comes with a useful swivel top so that the phone display can be adjusted to a convenient user angle. Additionally, the swivel also helps the Torch to be rotated for landscape and portrait view. Thanks to the suction-holder model, you can pretty much mount the unit anywhere on your car.

The iGrip charging dock for Blackberry Torch is manufactured in Germany and is available at a price of $37.95.

iGrip Blackberry Torch Car Mount