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Surf Book – New Name For Blackberry Tablet?

Waterloo based Research in Motion is reported to have filed a new trademark with the Canadian Intellectual Property office for “Surf Book“. The application is pretty generic in that it does not specifically state that this could be tablet computer but from the looks of it, it is possible that RIM might name their upcoming tablet computer SurfBook.

This comes a couple of months after reports suggested that RIM had registered the domain name giving rise to speculations about the name for the new tablet. For what it’s worth, currently does not resolve to anything and doesn’t seem to be owned by the same people that own

It is also worth noting that RIM has not filed the application for SurfBook with the USPTO as yet though it is always possible for them to file one at a later date. Which of the two names is better in your opinion? BlackPad is sure to help RIM gain a brand identity that Surf Book may not offer.

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