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Rumored Blackberry Storm 3 Review Of Tech Specs

Ok, admittedly, these are neither official technical specifications or is revealed via a highly credible source. This is just a presentation slide that someone appears to have to stealthily captured on camera to leak it to Engadget. Photoshopping is another possibility.

So what does the slide say? Well, if the revelations are true, then Blackberry Storm 3 will just be modestly improved version of Blackberry Storm 2. Firstly, the RAM will be doubled from 256MB to 512MB. Also, the camera will now come with a 5-Megapixel sensor. The user interface will receive a revamp with the new Blackberry 6 OS. Additionally, the device will carry a webkit browser and be supported by Wi-Fi 802.11n. An interesting addition though is a 3G mobile hotspot service that is quite anticipated.

Besides that, we do not have a lot of other information. Blackberry Storm 3, as you can see from the leaked slide below, is launching during one of those “…ember” months. September anyone?

RIM Blackberry Storm 3

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