Blackberry Playbook To Run Android Apps

If rumors are to be believed, RIM is looking to implement Google’s Android apps on its Playbook, the new Blackberry tablet from RIM. According to reports, RIM, with the help of an in-built software is looking to run the 130,000 Android Apps on its upcoming tablet. The android App support for the Playbook is expected to be ready by this year’s second half.

But, RIM is a bit apprehensive about implementing it at the same time as it fears legal obligations from Oracle if it were to use the Android’s Dalvik Virtual Machine that powers the Android 3.0 tablets. But, right now there is nothing official about this move either from RIM nor Google.

But, if RIM were to seek Goolge’s help in this regards, Google would be more than happy to extend their App store on to the Blackberry tablets as well. But, where does this leave Blackberry store?

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