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Free Blackberry Location Tracking Software

A phone locator software is extremely useful if you want to track down your lost Blackberry or want to check out on the where-abouts of your children. The simple tutorial here will take you through the process

Step 1 : We will use a software called InstaMapper for the service. Click here to create a free account with the service

Step 2 : You will be required to activate your account. Once done, login into your account by clicking here

Step 3 : Click “Add a tracking device”

Step 4 : Fill in the details requested. Once done, click on “Add”

Step 5 : You will be provided a unique 13 digit device key for your Blackberry

Step 6 : Visit Blackberry App World and install the “GPS Tracker” application. Alternately, you can also visit this link from your Blackberry and download the app over the air
PS : Blackberry Storm users can click this link for an app with higher resolution

Step 7 : Launch the application on your Blackberry. You will be asked to enter the 13 digit device key (from Step 5). Enter and proceed.

Step 8 : If you own a Blackberry Storm with Verizon, check “Disable A-GPS” in the settings. Press “Menu” key to save

Step 9 : The process is complete. You can login to your Instamapper account online or from any internet enabled device to check out the location of your Blackberry device

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