Now Download Blackberry Desktop Manager 6

Research in Motion has released the latest version of the Blackberry Desktop Manager – the same application that was leaked a long time back. The latest version is compatible only on Windows and does not work on Mac computers. The new Blackberry Desktop Manager application brings a few interesting and revamped updates to the desktop software.

According to RIM, the new version comes with a much simpler user interface that is still packed with all the old goodies. Besides, the new version has added a new Blackberry Media Sync feature that will let users manage synchronization of music, video and image files from one location. Also, users may now manage their music collection on their computer by connecting via the Wi-Fi Music sync feature. This would effectively mean users can download or remove songs from the computer without having to directly access the system.

The new Blackberry Desktop Manager 6 is also compatible with recent Blackberry releases like Blackberry Torch 9800 and Blackberry Curve 9300. You can click this link to proceed for download.