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BlackBerry Curve 9300 In Canada Priced At $80

Just a couple of weeks back, the new Blackberry Curve 9300 paid a silent visit to the FCC and that sparked off speculations about its features and specs. As we had noted in our article earlier, the handset is expected to come with a 256MB RAM, a 256MB ROM, a 624MHz processor and a QVGA display with 320×480 pixel resolution. The Blackberry Curve 9300 could also come with a 2-Megapixel camera without flash.

Now, to be clear, this device is yet to be formally announced by Waterloo-based RIM. Surprisingly though, the new Blackberry Curve 9300 is already out in the market on sale from Rogers. The Canadian carrier has announced the handset at a price of $79.99 that includes a 3-year contract. The device is now available on the Rogers website and can be checked out here. As you may have noticed, the device is not too different from Blackberry Curve 8520 but for the more solid 3G specs.

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