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Price Of Blackberry 9800 Slider Phone In USA Revealed?

There is quite a bit of anticipation towards the launch of the new Blackberry 9800 slider phone from Research In Motion. Earlier this week, there were speculations that the new slider phone from RIM could be launching in the UK market around the September or October of this year and could be carried by Vodafone. The price in UK has not been revealed so far.

However, the price of Blackberry 9800 Torch slider in the United States is coming to light. A New York City based mobile retailer, Mobile City Online, has already opened up his stores for the pre-order of the new Blackberry 9800. According to the retailer, the slider handset shall be available at a pre-order price of $599.99 though the official price is claimed to be $699.99. In this case though, we do not have an estimated time of arrival.

Nevertheless, if you are an anxious BB fan, why not go ahead and pre-order one yourself?

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