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Best Buy Nexus S Launch – Availability Details Revealed

In case you didn’t know already, Best Buy has not been taking pre-orders for the Google Nexus S Android 3.0 smartphone. Instead, all the interested customers must queue up at one of the retail stores starting 8 AM on December 16. Now, in addition to this, Best Buy has now offered some more details about the launch.

First, the availability, as expected, shall be first-come, first served. Secondly, sale will be restricted to two-per-customer in order to enhance availability. Thirdly, online sales will commence exactly at 8:00 AM Eastern Time (USA).

While the availability of Nexus S is expected to vary from store to store, you can nevertheless expect at least one demo unit to be available on every store so that you can play with one before deciding to part with your money.

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