Best Buy Connect Mobile Broadband Data Service Pricing Plans Revealed

Remember Best Buy Connect – the mobile broadband data service that the retailer was rumored to be working on in partnership with Sprint? In an article late last month, I had noted that an official announcement in this regard was likely to be made by July 11.

Now, there seem to be more details emerging on this front. Folks at Best Buy have now put up a website where all of the company’s wireless broadband offerings have been detailed. Similar to traditional carriers, Best Buy Connect data prices range between $30 per month for 250MB of data and $60 for 5GB of data. However, the appeal is in the subsidy. Consumers signing for a two year deal get subsidies of up to $275 on a compatible laptop of choice. Compare this with $150 offered by AT&T and $200 and $250 offered by Verizon and Sprint respectively.

Best Buy Connect Data Plan details

If you are a regular at the Best Buy stores, here is a chance to make that loyalty count.