Battery Performance Comparison : Apple iPad Vs. Notion Ink Adam

The Notion Ink Adam is one hotly anticipated tablet computer that is expected to hit the stores shortly. With close to eight months of market domination, it may not be fair to compare the iPad with a device that has not even hit the market. But according to a recent blog post on the Notion Ink blog, the company’s upcoming tablet could prove to be a better candidate in battery performance than the Apple iPad.

Rohan Shravan from Notion Ink writes,

“Adam has 24Whr, and you are bound to be extremely happy with its battery performance. On a comparison, iPad (couldn’t find other device to write here) has 25Whr, and gives you around 11-12 hour. On similar calculations Adam has 24Whr battery and consumers around 1.2Whr (on similar tests as mentioned on their website) and ended up giving 24/1.2=20 hours.”

That makes the Adam battery nearly two-thirds better than the iPad battery. Makes you want the device all the more?