Battery Life : Motorola Droid X Vs. HTC EVO 4G

Smartphones have been getting increasingly feature rich. Motorola Droid X has been touted to be the next big thing in Android smartphones and with the fiercest rival battling fundamental call reception issues, this is the best time for Motorola to go for the kill.

However, Android handsets of late have not featured too prominently on the battery-life scale. This is especially after the Apple iPhone 4 was featured by prominent tech experts as a device that can last for 38 hours – Realistically though it has been noted to last not more than 4 hours of hard core usage. Nevertheless, the point is Android handsets have a huge benchmark to breach.

According to a recent article on PC World, Motorola may have finally created a device that will appeal to those looking for a high battery life device. While the publication does  not have a scientific study to prove this, initial tests on the device show that the battery life on Droid-X is at least twice as powerful as the recently launched HTC EVO 4G.

“Using both phones the way average folks do–Web browsing, a few calls and texts, and some audio (Pandora) and video (YouTube) streaming–I found that the EVO seldom lasted longer than a day. And if I streamed a lot of video or activated the phone’s built-in mobile hotspot, the EVO might die within three or so hours.

The Droid X, by comparison, could run a solid two days between charges, based on normal use. Pushed to the limit (e.g., non-stop video streaming), it still might last an entire workday. (I tested both phones over a 3G connection, as Sprint’s 4G service isn’t available yet in my area.)”

There you go. My assumption is that this should then probably better the battery offered on the iPhone 4. What do you think?