Barnes & Noble NOOKstudy Features, Price And Launch

Barnes & Noble has launched a new eReader platform aimed specifically at the students. Called NOOKStudy, the eReader can literally replace the student’s books with a single eReader that will contain all the ebooks, slides, lecture notes, images and other class materials ┬áthat is otherwise accessed via a PC or Mac.

Other significant features include the ability to read multiple books at the same time and the ability to create notes. NOOKStudy is learned to be tried on a test basis at several private institutions including the Rochester Institute of Technology, Pennsylvania State University, University of Nevada, Las Vegas and Queensboro Community College.

There is no word on the price of the device as yet and we expect an announcement on this shortly. The launch date for the Barnes and Noble NOOKStudy is scheduled for August. If you are interested in getting hold of one, you can always register for updates from the NOOKStudy website here.

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