Barnes & Noble Nook Color eReader Launch & Price Rumors

Barnes & Noble is rumored to be getting all ready to launch a new variant of their Nook ebook reader – a color version that probably ditch the regular e-ink screen with a display made of either full LCD, Mirasol or possibly even PixelQi. From what we hear, the new eReader will be simply called Nook Color and will come with a 7″ screen and will run on the Android operating system. It is also expected to run the Nook app that is already available for devices with color display.

What might bother you if you are eager to get hold of one of these devices is the price. The price of this new Nook Color eReader is said to be in the range of $250 – that’s pretty expensive considering that there are way cheaper alternatives. Also, tablet computers that can do a lot more than just reading are available at just a $100 more.

Anyway, let us wait for a confirmation from Barnes & Noble about this.